376 | I Love Mondays – Why You Should Too

You may think I am a crazy. Most of the world thinks I’m crazy. I want to tell you somehting, “I love Mondays” is not just a saying to me. It is a way of life. I love Mondays because on every Monday I get to move my professional goals forward in a big way. I have created my week in such a way that I get to do my most important work on Mondays. I love to achieve my goals. I love to get more clients. I love to work on my speeches. I love to write. I love to do my podcast. The big question here is can you see a way for your employees to love Mondays too. If they did, you know they are engaged with their work. They are aligned with their contribution and growth. Today, I share with you insights on how to get your employees to say “I love Mondays.”

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