213 | Talent Development with Tara Powers

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Tara Powers Tara and her team use a tool called “DISC Personality Assessment” to help people understand themselves better. . It’s purpose is to opens up a world of opportunity to develop people on her team. This is a powerful tool to access a high level of awareness on how an individual thinks and processes information. It also gives an awareness of who you are as a Leader.

Tara believes in promoting people from within because they are good at what they naturally do best. This is about developing a new set of skills to excel at being a leader.

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136 | Speed Of The Team Is Determined By The Speed Of The Leader With Matt Miller

Matt MillerLeadership in business is essential yet often misunderstood. Leadership begins inside the leader; however most of the focus starts on the actions (external). Matt Miller is President and founder of School Spirit Vending. Matt talks about the culture of his company and how focusing on culture has shifted his impact. He shares the insights he has gained in building a very successful business that helps schools raise money for educational programs. Matt discusses with me about the speed of the leader and the importance of that in achieving goals.

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Target Audience: Matt works with aspiring business owners who have a desire to duplicate what he and his company do in the vending and school funding industry. His vending company serves a team of 40 different families and several thousand schools providing passive free fundraising for them.

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