133 | Charismatic Leadership and Inspirational Leadership – Which Do You Want? with Peter Docker

Peter Docker

The difference between Charismatic Leadership and Inspirational Leadership may seem subtle. A leader can be charismatic and inspire others. It also works the other way too. But Inspirational Leadership is focused more on the greater good, whereas as the Charismatic Leader is more inwardly focused on himself. Our guest today is Peter Docker who is colleagues with Best Selling Author, Simon Sinek. Both Peter and Simon are spreading a message around the world to inspire people to be extraordinary and to do work that is significant. This interview is filled with wisdom and insights on being authentic and real. Join me by listening to this episode.

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Target Audience: Peter says he helps people achieve what they want to achieve. This includes many different types of people – whether individuals and companies both large and small. Peter believes we all operate on a biological level in the same ways. With that as Peter’s foundational WHY, he authentically connects to his audience because the desire to keep achieving and improving is universal in all of us.

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