Growth Think Tank with Meghan Freed & Kristen Marcroft

Employees taking ownership of the Work with Meghan Freed and Kristen at Freed Marcroft

Fast-growth companies want employees taking ownership. It is not enough for employees to get the work done. They want them to feel like owners. This is common theme across many companies. Employees taking ownership maximizes the customer experience. Today’s guest is Meghan Freed, attorney and co-founder at Freed Marcroft. Inc Magazine ranked her company #2024 on the 2020 Inc 5000 list. Freed Marcroft is a marital and family law in Hartford, Connecticut. Meghan believes in employees taking ownership of their work and the client experience. She shares how leadership didn’t come easy, but she found it essential for a growing company. When employees taking ownership is a priority, you get a very different kind of company culture.

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