Team Growth Think Tank with Michel Falcon

Reimagining Company Culture with Michel Falcon at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

Reimagining company culture will allow you to create the company of your dreams. Having a company that people love and know how to do the job passionately requires authentic leadership. Today’s guest is Michel Falcon, Founder, CEO at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen. Brasa Peruvian Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant serving everyday salads and warm bowls with real Peruvian flavours. Their menu has been designed by Peruvian-born chefs from Toronto and New York. Their menu is “flavour-first” supported by nutrient-dense ingredients and full meals you can eat daily. Michel and I talk about reimagining company culture. He shares how he changed the game in an industry with a high turnover. When reimagining company culture, you have to start with your leadership.

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