Team Growth Think Tank with Jake Dunlap

The Journey of Leadership with Jake Dunlap at Skaled Consulting

Becoming a great leader is a lifelong journey, it doesn’t happen overnight. Every day you are on your personal journey of leadership and its full of of failures, lessons, and sacrifices along the way. Today’s guest is Jake Dunlap, Founder, and CEO at Skaled Consulting. Inc Magazine ranked his company #3963 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Skaled Consulting is a world-class management and sales consulting provider. They accelerate the growth of emerging and enterprise companies by bringing in Sales Leadership, Operations, and Enablement experts who drive real and quantifiable business outcomes. In this episode, Jake talks about his journey of leadership and the things he learned the hardway. He also talks about how to get yourself and the people truly aligned when changes are bound everywhere. He shares the mistakes he has made in his journey of leadership. Learn from this interview with Jake about why values are important and some unconventional approaches to leadership.

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