Team Growth Think Tank with Chris Palmer

We Grow Because We Believe in People Over Profit with Chris Palmer at SupplyKick

The fight for talent is real. Many companies are struggling to make sense of it. The leaders I see making it right now believe in people over profit. This is more than just a trendy phrase too. Putting people first gives them freedom, flexibility, and a place to grow. Today’s guest is Chris Palmer, Founder, and CEO at SupplyKick. SupplyKick is a top Amazon seller and agency providing brands with expert strategy and solutions to win on today’s leading marketplaces. They optimize and execute marketing, advertising, logistics, creative services, and brand management for hundreds of partners across consumer categories. Chris talks about why you must believe in people over profit. We look at the thinking that often gets in the way of this big idea. Discover the strategies and why you want to believe in people over profit, especially in today’s world.

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