Enjoy the video and downloads of how I produce my podcast each episodes. This is not meant to cover every step, however, I wanted to share with those that are launching a podcast and those that are about to launch how I produced 3 episodes per week (now only 2 per week). My initial investment into tools has been under $100 (mic, boom arm, call recorder). I also have a monthly fee for Adobe Audition and Photoshop of $49.99.

My estimated cost per episode for the work done by my team is:

  • Show Notes and Social Media posting (no twitter bombs) is $40.
  • Audio Engineer is $6 per episode
  • Project Manager is $11.25 per episode.
  • Graphics production $6 per episode.
  • Total is $63.25.

This is well worth the investment as my show has created more than $100,000 in revenue in the first 9 months of production.  I am thrilled with what podcasting has provided me.

Slides from the Video

Tools & Tips for Producing A Podcast Episode

Spreadsheet to Manage Interviews of the show (The uses this on Google Drive or Google Docs to keep it in sync).