Multi-channel approach to more traffic:


Follow more people…

Use a tool like HootSuite, TweetDeck, or SproutSocial to schedule your tweets.

Use Twiends to find new Twitter users you can connect with.

Tweet It on Twitter

Twitter’s most powerful use is connecting people. The platform allows truthful strangers at the forefront together of common interests and ideas and to participate in conversations that range from the relatively mundane to the incredibly important.

How to create High-Quality Twitter Post?

  • Write 3 versions of copy to share through the day.
  • To get more retweets, be sure to include images (ideal size is 1024 x 512), other handles, and links.
  • Be sure to include @genehammett (username)
  • Variety is best: quote, data, edgy comment, question, an odd fact, funny.

Twitter Tweets Engagement

  • Use Hashtags “#” to get attention (#grow, #lead, #leadership, #entrepreneur #CEO #csuite #companyculture etc)
  • Add up to two hashtags, it will make your tweets more searchable for trending
  • LIKE comments made by others and appreciate when they say something interesting. RT (Re-Tweet others content too)
  • The best times to post on Twitter are 8 to 10 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM, and after work from 4 to 7 PM.

Share It on Facebook

Facebook has become an integral component of people’s online social presence. For many, Facebook is the single-handedly online social network in which they participate, even though the level of assimilation varies across the user spectrum.

How to create High-Quality Facebook Post?

  • Post in a way that is best for you, but text < images < video Facebook. When you share your blog post, consider uploading an image and putting your link in the comment field instead of using the automatic link preview post. This trick can help increase the reach of your Facebook post.
  • Make images with quotes.
  • Write 2 versions of copy to share through the day. One that is informative to why the article is important/valuable. Another that is personal to you. You can start with a powerful question that gets the reader to say “yes” when they read it.
  • Notice how the two versions work.

Facebook Engagement

  • The best times to post on Facebook are from 1 to 4 PM, 6 to 10 PM, and on weekends.
  • Share your blog post once for initial promotion on Facebook Groups related to your topic and the people included in the article.
  • LIKE comments made by others


Engage & Don’t Wait for Your Audience to Interact First

Use the “@ feature” in Facebook

Engage with Other Facebook Pages

Join Facebook Groups

Create and Schedule Your Status Updates


Share posts from the company’s blog

Share the work your company has done

Don’t forget to share

Post It on LinkedIn

Beyond recruiting efforts, LinkedIn is a all-powerful place for a variety of malleable social activities to boost your move upon social media.

How to create High-Quality LinkedIn Post?

  • Keep your company or profile page up-to-date.
  • Make your text personal and engaging. Ask questions or encourage readers to interact with you.
  • Write 3 versions of copy to share through the day.

LinkedIn Engagement

  • You can also republish articles on LinkedIn Pulse (and your blog) after 14 days with attribution “Originally published for Inc Magazine” with the link to the article. Also required It is best to re-title the article with another version of the title. (this is for SEO purpose)
  • The best times to post on LinkedIn are 8 to 10 AM and 4 to 6 PM.
  • Use # to get attention (#grow, #lead, #leadership, #entrepreneur #CEO #csuite #companyculture etc); limit to two per post
  • Use to create links if you want to analyze the click throughs

Youtube Video

YouTube has morphed into the world’s second-largest search engine, a driver of online culture, and a springboard for Internet fame.

How to create High-Quality YouTube Post?

  • Create a short video for 3-5 minutes; open with an engaging comment, question or attention strategy; the first 8 seconds of a video on any platform will get the viewer to stick around.
  • Add a Custom Thumbnail (Featured image on Video)
  • Add a transcription on it (options 1: Youtube English transcription, Option 2: transcription)
  • Better if you put it into a playlist (Create New Playlist)

YouTube Engagement

  • LIKE comments made by others
  • Add up to ten keywords.
  • Share Video to Other Social Media Accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn (upload natively), and Facebook
  • Use to create links if you want to analyze the click-throughs.


Strategic Keyword Research using Keyword Tool

Keep 16:9 aspect ratio on Video’s

Have 1280 x 720 resolution on images.

Go Heavy on Calls to Action: Ex. “Please like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this video!”