108 | Why Listening to Podcasts is Hurting You with Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff RavenscraftPodcasts are awesome.  Podcasts are informative. Podcasting is one of the most intimate and transformational forms of content. Yet podcasting (and other ways of learning) are keeping you from your success.  Cliff Ravenscraft, founder of PodcastAnswerMan.com  and Podcasting A to Z, shares his views of the power of podcasting and the dangers of consuming too much.  Cliff talks about being intentional with your time and how that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Consuming too much of anything will hurt your success (even podcasts).

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Cliff’s Target Audience: Cliff works with small to medium sized business owners, solopreneurs and leaders of organizations where he helps them through training, coaching and consulting on how to create their own audio podcasts.

Cliff is a full time podcast producer . He serves tens of thousands of people by sharing content based on his life in a transparent way while making it entertaining and inspirational. His purpose is to catalyze his audience into feeling an eagerness about making positive differences in their lives.

Cliff has been around podcasting forever and the reason he loves it so much is because it gives him the chance to create a profound influence over people’s lives. Podcasting gives Cliff the chance to share his voice with people who are intentionally providing their own time to listen in.

Cliff RavenscraftOne of the most profound obstacles Cliff has observed his audience places in front of themselves, is consuming too much content. His advice is that they go on an information “diet.” Cliff says they are becoming “fat and obese” with this information. NARROW DOWN your information intake in order to make room for implementation in the form of action steps.

Why do people keep consuming information? Well, according to Cliff people may choose this route because it is easier in the sense that it allows them to stay in their comfort zone. It also gives them plenty of valid excuses while they stay “busy.” This keeps them playing small where they don’t have to take any risks. They live their lives with the notion that they’ll take the action step “tomorrow”- but tomorrow never comes.

Cliff claims that he doesn’t  feel he is living the life he was created for when he isn’t taking any risks. Cliff also advises to intentionally build relationships with people who are living life according to their calling and purpose. They (and you) have the same things in common- such as taking risks or facing fears about what they are experiencing as they work towards what they are aiming to create.

Things weren’t always so simple for Cliff. There was a period where he was in the trenches too- when he was doing everything himself and felt completely overwhelmed. At the time, Cliff was selling podcast equipment and working 14 hours a day. Although he was making great profits from this, someone helped him realize he was actually only making $12/hour. This perspective quickly forced Cliff to re- think how he was investing his time. He learned how to double his income in two months while working less.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to be more intentional about your time
  • Why going on an information consumption ‘diet’ is crucial
  • Why it is not your job to make everyone happy
  • The root reason why people continuously consuming more information
  • The benefits of forming relationships with people doing what you want to do
  • Why Cliff feels alive when he is taking risks

Resources and Links

Practical and Actionable:

Use the 80/20 rule to reflect on your income vs. the work are doing and time you taking to complete it. He recommends reading the book ESSENTIALISM to get clear on the things you are most efficient at. Get clear on the few priorities that no one else can do and say no to everything else. Learn how to become an expert at saying no to things that are not your highest priority.

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