We’ve combined a leadership intensive with the heart-pounding thrill of driving a 911 through a series of unique race experiences.

You’re in the driver seat now.


The Accelerate Leadership Experience at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta is UNIQUE.

  • No Powerpoint.

  • No Canned Speeches.

  • No Pitches.

The programming is defined by the leaders in the room.
Whatever is keeping you up night after night is exactly the problem we will be looking to solve.

After we solve the biggest issues facing your business today, you will speed around the racetrack in a Porsche



Day 1 – Connect and Grow Together

The first day you will be surrounded by fellow INC 5000 CEOs who are eager to grow and pick the brains of other like-minded leaders. In addition, you will receive an exclusive group executive coaching session Gene Hammett to discuss and address the struggles you are facing within your organization.

Day 2 – Hit the Track

Following a group breakfast and an extremely productive morning growth session, we will prepare for an exhilarating experience behind the wheel of a Porsche as you race around the track. You deserve to let go every now and then and have a little fun, right?

Join Gene and your fellow


The most fantastic experience begins when we hand-select founders and CEOs of the fastest-growth companies that rank in the top 1% of growth.

At this event, we’re heading to the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, GA. These 2-days combine a leadership intensive with the heart-pounding thrill of driving a 911 through a series of unique race experiences.

There you will find a true luxury experience awaiting you…
… the experience includes your meals, drinks, networking with other Inc5000 level founders and CEOs, and the 911 racing experience. It is a unique format for leadership growth that is private and invite only.

All you have to do is book your travel and show up. We take care of everything else.

Get ready to treat yourself to the very best in food, friendships, and bonding while together, we continue to propel your leadership to new heights.

“One of the best investments we [CEO and COO] have made together by going to your leadership intensive.”

What can the Accelerate Leadership Experience do for you?

Transform Your Leadership

Your leadership skills are continuously tested as your company grows. This experience will allow you to be proactive in up-leveling your leadership skills. We will address the mindset and the skill set of your transformation.

Improve Your Culture

The employee experience has quickly become a competitive advantage. Companies that can create an employee experience that drives loyalty, trust, and creativity will attract the best talent. Discover your leverage points to improve your culture.

Accelerate Your Company Growth

With modern leadership and a competitive-advantage culture, companies will drive growth in profits and create new opportunities for the company. Join us to see how others are growing outside your industry and develop new areas for growth for your organization.

Create a Self-managing Company

Many attendees want to either be a passive investor in their business or step into the “chairman” role. We can help you create a plan that allows you to create a self-managing team. They will be empowered to make decisions and take ownership of the company’s growth beyond you as the founder.



Package Options



Includes all food, drinks, racing, and leadership experience. (You only pay for your travel.)



Includes all food, drinks, racing, and leadership experience. (You only pay for your travel.)

All attendees get BONUS executive coaching!

Each person receives coaching from Gene Hammett before the event. Ideally, sessions are once per month for two sessions before Sept 15th, 2023, so that you have momentum before you arrive to the Leadership Experience.


You must be on the Inc5000, and you must talk to Gene to be approved for this experience.


Why Take Two Days Away
From Your World
to Accelerate Your Company?

In Short, it is an Experience, not an event.

This is an Invite-Only Experience for Inc 5000 CEOs. We consistently hear from our Inc 5000 clients about how differently they think about growing a business fast VERSUS how other CEOs think about growing a business at all. That is just one of the BENEFITS and ADVANTAGES of attending this Leadership Experience. This Experience is only for those CEOs who have been honored on the Inc 5000 list:

  1. Insights to Drive You Forward: It is rare for busy CEOs to engage with other fast-growth CEOs about strategy, leadership, culture, execution, and other aspects of growth. Join us for a unique experience with other successful visionary leaders where we facilitate in a way that allows you to gain insight on your next moves.
  2. Personal Connections: In-person events provide an opportunity for CEOs to connect with other CEOs on a personal level, which can lead to stronger business relationships. No other event provides this kind of engagement and level of successful entrepreneurs. There is power in having other fast-growth leaders engage together.
  3. Our Format is Different – Our focus is meaningful conversations. This live experience provides an opportunity for CEOs to have deep conversations with other CEOs about their businesses, industries, and the challenges they face. Get real. Hide nothing, hold nothing back.
  4. Respite from the daily grind: Being inside your bubble of life limits expansion. This experience with other CEOs will allow you to step away from your day-to-day responsibilities and gain perspectives that will allow you to create more structure, systems for growth, and identify blind spots that just don’t happen without intention. 

There are few experiences in life like racing a Porsche on a track: During this experience, we have engineered a racing experience that is not only fun, but it also has underlying meaning to your growth and pace of change. Racing a Porsche 911 under the coaching and guidance of a professional driver will prove to you what a massive difference coaching can make.