115 | Breaking From Comfortable to Significance with Chris Hogan

Chris HoganWaiting for referrals or waiting for the market to change are just two ways that entrepreneurs get stuck in their comfort zone. This is a wake up call with Chris Hogan. Chris is part of the EntreLeadership team with Dave Ramsey and a regular contributor for the EntreLeadership podcast. Chris is a renowned speaker on leadership and financial education. We discuss the dangers of getting stuck in “comfort” and how to make the shift to significance. Chris also shares three simple and straightforward steps to financial freedom.

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Chris’s Target Audience: Those who are planning for retirement and those who are seeking to set a secure financial plan for their futures.

Chris travels the country as one of the Dam Ramsey Personalities and speaks/teaches people about retirement, various financial areas and leadership matters. Chris loves serving people. He believes that the more we start to believe in ourselves, then the more we will arm ourselves with the right information. This makes us unstoppable.

Chris used to work as a banker. He observed that people kept coming in with the same theme of problems. Everyone seemed to think that borrowing more money was usually the solution. He repeatedly witnessed how this would actually sabotage them rather than help them. He decided to transition out of banking because he had the heart to really educate people about finance. Eventually, he crossed paths with Dave Ramsey and joined the mission.

Some of the myths or misunderstandings people seem to have are related to the aspect of leverages and OPM (other people’s money). Another misunderstanding is that “bigger is better” – that one has to expand. Chris says you certainly could focus on that, but if you expand in the wrong way, you end up creating more headache, heartache and feeling of hopelessness.

The point is really to look inward with your team in order to propel forward. Mindset issues must be addressed. It is imperative to understand and believe that where you are right now doesn’t have to be where you end up unless you quit. Chris recommends taking the following steps:

  1. Make a decision: commit to it!
  2. Follow a plan: where dave ramsey’s baby steps come into play (for example)
  3. COMMIT to becoming financially free and staying that way.

Chris HoganChris points out the very significant difference between a goal and a commitment. A goal is something you want to have. A commitment is something you are actually going to do. And it is based off of daily decisions. It isn’t about searching for the easy route- but searching for significance. You will encounter battles. Try not to perceive them as things trying to defeat you but there to make you stronger.

Chris has seen that the #1 thing that is holds people back from planning is themselves. They’ve either dropped into the mindset that they ‘can’t do it’ or they have allowed enough people to tell them they shouldn’t or that they couldn’t. People are so worried about failure that they fail to even try! When really, it is not the “person” who failed but the METHOD they used. That method simply needs to be re-tweaked.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The common patterns that keep people financially locked in
  • How financial education can liberate everyone
  • Why bigger is not better
  • The importance of evaluating your mindset and inner beliefs
  • The importance of believing you can get yourself into a better financial place
  • The difference between a goal and a commitment
  • The importance of perceiving battles as opportunities to strengthen yourself

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Practical and Actionable

Make a decision to get better. Then plan it. Put actions behind it and stay committed to it.

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