164 | Release Fear and Get in Your Flow with Rich Litvin

Rich LitvinAs entrepreneurs, we can get caught up in the business side of things. There’s so much to think about: funnels, list building, package pricing, website design, and the list just goes on and on. Today’s guest- Rich Litvin, co- author of The Prosperous Coach believes all that business ‘stuff’ falls right into place when the individual is in FLOW. FLOW is who we truly are minus our limiting belief systems. It is who we are without fear. As a coach, Rich has made it his aim to help those who want to help themselves by cleaning up the lens they see through. Through the practice of deep coaching, asking powerful questions and showing up as purely authentic, we can all be the types of coaches who make shift happen for our clients.

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Target Audience: Rich works with the kinds of people who don’t need a coach. These are powerful people playing a big a game. His work also includes leading a community of coaches. His clients include athletes, Hollywood film directors, solo entrepreneurs. In short, they don’t necessarily NEED support- but understand they want support.

Rich’s community is called the 4 PC.  It is aimed towards a specific group of people: those playing a big game who don’t necessarily need coaching but simply want it. To put this idea into proper context, Rich mentions the book “The Rise of Superman” written by Steven Kotler which oversees the behavior of high performing people who undertake extreme sports like surfing the biggest waves and jumping out of planes. The concept of FLOW reveals that when we line up with it, extraordinary things happen!

According to Rich, what causes us to be out of line with FLOW is people’s tendency to aim too high or too far. Other people aren’t willing to stretch themselves enough. The balance is that 4PC. It is the amount you need to lean into your edge- to have continual improvement and to not go too far beyond what is possible for you. As entrepreneurs, we must remember that we are already playing a big game. Our businesses and lives are constantly on the line. PC is that tiny shift that makes all the difference. Read more about 4PC here. 

If we could stay in constant flow, the sky would be the limit. But what blocks our flow? Well, we all see the world through a lens and sometimes we don’t realize the lens we are looking through. The phrases we use, the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold create our lens. How they see their world is how they create their world.

Rich LitvinRich shares a story about one of his clients who was rejected for doing a movie because they passed it on to Steven Spielberg. This particular client came from a world where women and girls were mistreated and so she made her career about creating movies that highlighted this injustice. She felt the need to become successful because she felt this was something no one could take away from her. Then, Rich and the client uncovered something even deeper. The client said, “If I get too successful, I will get hurt because people might take things away from me.” So when this position got taken away from her- she actually felt a sense of relief. At the same time, not asking for what she really wanted (the role of creating the movie) was preventing her expansion. She was finally able to shed some light on this deep belief because of deep coaching and the powerful questions that came along with it. An effective coach helps people to understand the world they are creating.

These are the “Blurred Lines.” It’s the stuff you can’t see. As a great coach, your job is not to answer the questions your clients come to you with. It’s to help them lean into better and more powerful questions. For Rich, his purpose is to see who is in front of him and what are they doing this all for. What is the legacy and impact they want to create? What is the community they want to build? When this is solid and clear, you’ll figure out the other stuff (business aspects and technicalities).

A significant part of this process includes losing the fear of getting “no’s.” Rich says this is part of the growth process. The person with the most “no’s” will continue to grow exponentially than the person who gets less no’s. The person with less no’s is also the one who hasn’t put himself out there and sits in fear- paralyzed. Those who are unafraid of “no’s” as well as giving their all in their introductory sessions will have their success. Avoid “taster” sessions and give potential everything you’ve got. Hold back nothing! Keep in mind that you are selling an experience – not a concept.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The power of deep coaching
  • What deep coaching actually is
  • Why you should hold back nothing in your service
  • How to sell the experience of coaching, not the concept
  • The importance of FLOW
  • Why you may not be in FLOW
  • How to get your FLOW back


Practical and Actionable:

1. Start to look at the hard lines you put in your world. Notice when you start to use the words ALWAYS or NEVER. This is a clue as to where you have hard lines in your world. Life is rarely black and white. Be yourself- don’t look at others whom you could emulate.
2. Practice getting no’s. Make more proposals than you have ever made. Ask for more money than you have ever asked. Don’t try and get yes’s. Your job is to try to get no’s. Be willing to be surprised that in time, the higher the collection of no’s parallel to the high level of creation in your life.

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