205 | Shifting to the 21st Century Mindset with Paula Fracasso

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Paula FracassoThe inner game of leadership and entrepreneurship is discussed often and not many people understand the value of a deep understanding of your thinking. The “understanding” I am talking about is challenging the common patterns. I have a master coach on today’s show. Paula Fracasso talks with me about shifting into the 21st-century mindset. Discover how to handle the pace of change and uncertainty of the future with me in this episode.

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Target Audience: Paul is an Executive Life Coach. She serves entrepreneurs (with Enterprises) whose goal is to have an impact in the world.

Paula’s perspective highlights the fact that we each have a unique design. Everyone of us is a beautiful human being and an Exquisite Inventor of Life.

One of Paula’s philosophies is that any organization can only advance as far as the collective consciousness of the people allow it to advance.

In this episode, Paula mentions her coaching experience with Coachville www.coachville.com and how that allowed her to realize the evolution of the reality of the world we’re living in now. She now sees that we could not have been without the Industrial Era (which created the industrial mindset). That includes our Educational System!

Think of what a repetitive system it is. But that’s not where the value comes from anymore. In the 21st century, we are in this totally turned on – 24/7 – highly connected world where a value is created out of the bringing together of the right resources and then creating space for a spontaneous discovery of what happens now.

In the 20th century, we were taught as a collective consciousness to get our work done before play. In the 21st century, we are really being pushed to ask yourself where your priorities are and where the result lay. What’s going to be the most fun? What’s going to produce the biggest results? It’s not about checking off tasks anymore.

This is why we spend so much time processing email (because we are stuck in an old paradigm). We can check email endlessly but it does not produce the results we want. Just remember that the opportunity to work never ends. It will always be there. This is about being more conscious of the work we are choosing to do.

Be the example of understanding that value is created spontaneously by applying the right resources. So as a leader you are no longer managing the process (i.e- how many worksheets got done).

Paula FracassoWhat you’ve got to focus on is:

    What ‘s required to make that happen?
    When am I going to get those components altogether?

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why we must transform our old 20th-century paradigm way of thinking
  • How to align with the new paradigm (21st-century mindset)
  • How each of us has a unique design
  • Why organizations only advance as far as the collective consciousness of the people
  • How to distinguish which expenditures are not required to produce the result?

Practical and Actionable:

Challenging 20th century mindset to transition into the 21st: Create a time for yourself to investigate the question make a list – what do you do automatically that is processed driven rather than results driven? Where have you set up an assembly line that is continuous and never ending? Which time energy expenditures and resources not required to produce the result?

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