096 Carolina Albano | Using a 100 Year Vision to Drive You to Greatness

Carolina Albano All leaders have a vision of the future that filters out distractions that come along with being an entrepreneur. Many times the vision does not come with the “how” of accomplishing it, because what they see is so big. Today, my guest Carolina Albano from Wholly Pops had a vision of a bright future where our children are empowered by natural food and healthy choices. Carolina’s journey has not been easy and her time in the trenches continues, but I wanted to share her story with you to inspire you to envision bigger where you don’t get stuck in the “how.” See how Carolina’s 100 year vision allowed her to break free of the trap of a job and become a social entrepreneur. After listening, check out the videos on The Wholly Pops KickStarter campaign.

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Carolina’s Target Audience: Individuals who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are looking for healthy treats/sweets.

Carolina holds a background in mechanical engineering. After spending some time in the field, she was beginning to feel “trapped.” A feeling all too familiar amongst all entrepreneurs, but also the starting point of her own entrepreneurial journey. She read the “Four Hour Work Week” and realized that she didn’t have to live a life where she was merely going to a job just to pay bills. She realized she wanted her work to have meaning.

This didn’t (by any means) indicate that she knew “HOW” she was going to create this life for herself. However, you’ll hear in the podcast that she didn’t think she needed to know the HOW. All she needed was to nurture her vision and follow her intuition.

Her motivation to change her life around stemmed from the knowing that she was meant to make a difference in the world. Carolina also explains that being a big believer in her own intuition and reading the signs also helped to pave the road bit by bit.

She realized she was passionate about healthy foods and supporting local farmers. This lead her to form a collaborative relationship with a friend who wanted to make popsicles. The compromise was that they make *healthy* popsicles. And this is how Wholly pops was born. Carolina’s big VISION is to bring this product to children in public schools.

The VISION was about bringing empowerment to children. Again, the HOW was foggy. But the VISION maintained crystal clear.

Like all visions, this one also doesn’t lack its challenges. Creating a no sugar-gluten free-yummy product with a shelf life of as little as 6 months is not so simple. It’s also expensive. Carolina says it has been the clarity of VISION that has helped her to continue networking, coming into contact with the right people and keeping her eyes peeled for opportunities.

In 2012, she experienced a new stage of growth when Whole Foods wanted her to be part of their company. Carolina didn’t feel ready to embark on something this big yet and this leads her to launch a Kickstarter Campaign The goal is to raise $50,000 to get better manufacturing space and more equipment to make more popsicles. Check out the inspirational video right here!

While fears were (and continue to be) present, the moment she said YES was when all the doors and connections started happening.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why the question of “HOW” shouldn’t paralyze you
  • The importance of having a clear VISION
  • How the clarity of VISION can get you through obstacles and fears
  • Why creating a business to serve people and the world is what it’s all about
  • How setting a 100-year Goal can provide you the perspective you need to get your business going
  • Why fear is serving you in big positive way
  • Why it’s important to allow fear to pave your path to greatness

Practical & Actionable:

Set a 100- year goal. It’s a goal that will outlive you. That is how you will leave your legacy. Live your life and listen to your intuition. Do something every day that is helping you work toward that goal. BUT, don’t get stuck in how you are going to get there. Life is going to show you how you will get there.

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