124 | Speaking to Transform Your Business with Amy Mead and Michael Port

Amy Mead and Michael PortTaking the stage is a privilege and an honor. The audience deserves all you can give them. Most speakers focus on the content so much that they forget the important aspects of the performance. Well, today is my privilege to share with you the interview with Amy Mead and Michael Port. Amy is a top ranked speaker coach and Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking (HPS). Michael is also a Co-Founder of HPS.

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Michael’s and Amy’s Target Audience: Michael and Amy work with individuals who have the desire to improve their speaking abilities and make them compelling and take it to the stage. This includes anyone from keynote speakers, to professionals who want to lead better, or someone preparing for an interview.

Amy and Michael Port are both the Co-Founders of of Heroic Public Speaking. Amy additionally serves as the director of training. Amy and Michael have a combined background in theatre which has provided them with a toolbox to truly guide people through this. Essentially, this is what helps their performances be as compelling as their message.

Michael adds it’s not just keynote speakers who come to HPS but people in general who know they need to perform. As mentioned before this could include someone preparing for a job interview, leading a meeting, or even preparing for a first date! Of course, the training is about being genuine and accentuating certain personality traits (not manipulation).

HPS believes it is equally important to have both great content and be able to perform. Michael states that 200 – 300 hundred hours should be invested in rehearsal. He explains that content creation isn’t something you just do at a desk. Most of the work is done on your feet because it is not an intellectual exercise on its own. It is very much physical and emotional.

Amy Mead and Michael PortAmy poses the question: “What do you want your audience to think and feel?” She advises those she trains to bring in key people for feedback during the practice period. That way, you will know how your performance moves your audience. The goal is to get one person to think differently and see the world in a bigger way

It’s fair to say that public speaking is scary- but you need to make a decision about what part of yourself you are going to listen to (the fearful part or the determined part). Is your aim to win approval or results? If you’re seeking approval you might not take the kinds of risks to bring a certain type of experience for the listeners in the room and to change their views. On the contrary, if you are focused on results, an impact with your audience is more likely to be made.

Performing is all about standing up and being ourselves. It is about accentuating different accents of our personality. This gives the audience a chance to connect with the speaker and be moved genuinely.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why performance is equally as important as content
  • Seeking approval vs. seeking results
  • How to genuinely connect with your audience
  • The importance of vulnerability on stage
  • Why performing is mental, physical and emotional all at once
  • Why you should ask yourself how you want your audience to feel

Practical and Actionable:

Rehearse. If you take your potential and desire to make an impact seriously, you will start putting more attention to the rehearsal process. 2) Organize your content into frameworks:

  • “Compare and Contrast”
  • “Problem-Solution”
  • “Numerical”
  • “Module”
  • “Sequential” or “Chronological”

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