134 | On the Other Side of Fear is Amazing with Pat Flynn

Pat FlynnONE YEAR!!! I can’t believe it. Today, we talk about fear. Specifically, the fear that you encounter when you have to let go of something that is comfortable. It might even be working right now. Our guest is Pat Flynn. Pat is the founder of so many things – podcasts, books, apps, niched websites – but he is most known for “Smart Passive Income”. Pat shares the fears he faced in growing his business and hiring top players for his business (called Team Flynn). Pat also tells us who he would hire to be his coach – well if he could! Find out in this episode all about Pat, his fears and his dream coach.

In the social set up for this one, don’t reveal who he would hire. Let it be a secret or to spark curiosity. Pat has a huge following on twitter so we need to leverage that to get them to listen in.

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Target Audience: Pat aims to be as transparent as possible with everything he does online for those seeking to create passive income online.

On this podcast, you’ll hear about “Team Flynn.” A team that Pat has built to create and grow his business. He doesn’t consider the people on his podcast employees. Rather, they are contracted. But more importantly, he thinks of them as people he can share and swap skills with when needed. In order to let “Team Flynn” really happen, Pat had to let go of a lot of things because they were holding him back from doing bigger things- those that only Pat can do. He advises to let go of the fear that someone might ruin things or do something unexpected you may have not had in mind. Now that he has outsourced the tasks that held him back, he can now dedicate more time to his personal life.

By releasing the fear of building a team, he stumbled upon Matt Gartland- a content producer. In collaborating with Matt, Pat is free to work on other upcoming ideas. Pat is conscious of the people he hires people and looks for those with specialties and super powers. Pat strives to be the type of leader who gives his team the freedom to make their own decisions and be in a leadership role as well. No one is above each other.

His book: Let Go shares the origin of his business. Initially, he had to “let go” of his former job. But it goes deeper than that. It is about letting go of the traditional path and doing your own thing. When he started his own Youtube channel he had to let go fears around how he looked or sounded and BAM: success. Same story with his website. In 2011, a speaking opportunity arose and he was deathly afraid. In facing fear after fear, he now asks himself- “what else would scare the heck out of me?” In understanding fear, he finds it helpful to ask people who are doing what he fears. He says, you need other people to help you. Every entrepreneur has.

As a great many guests on this podcast have said, being an entrepreneur requires that you have a coach or mentor in your life. Pat reveals that if he were to hire the coach of his dreams it would be… drum roll please… Tim Ferris. Pat knows someone like Tim Ferris would get him to take bigger risks which would enable him to help more people. Elon Musk is another person who could push him beyond his limits. https://www.ted.com/speakers/elon_musk

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why Pat created “Team Flynn”
  • What he had to let go of to grow
  • Why Pat only hires superstars
  • Why fear leads to amazing
  • How to ask other entrepreneurs about their own fears
  • Who Pat would hire as a coach

Practical and Actionable:

Check out Chris Ducker’s Book: Virtual Freedom. It is a mandatory read to build your virtual team. Most of it is mental and gets you to write out “3 Lists of Freedom” to help you understand what you can outsource. The biggest thing is writing a list of all the things you love to do but maybe shouldn’t be doing. Also what you hate doing, can’t do, and don’t want to do. This allows you to determine what only you can do. Get more information about Chris Ducker here. http://leadersinthetrenches.com/036-chris-ducker/

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