135 | Making the Shift from Overwhelmed and Overworked with Chris Atley

Chris AtleyIt seems like we are surrounded with work and cannot find a way to create barriers between work and life. There is always so much to do and the stress that comes with life is just accepted as “the way it is”. In the interview with Chris Atley, we discuss balance and burnout. Chris has worked with entrepreneurs to make the shift from overwhelmed and overworked to peace and freedom. Discover what Chris had to work through so she could serve her audience.

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Chris’s Target Audience: Chris works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by their workload. This includes coaches, consultants, health practitioners, service based professionals. Her goal is to helps them to find a work- life balance.

Chris knows exactly what overwhelm feels like as she has spent some of her time in the trenches too. Though there were many obstacles in addition to feeling as though it was taking a lot of time, Chris followed her dream of relocating from Canada to California. She shares that she utilized Law of Attraction principles and had to work on her limiting beliefs.  She admits there were many times she wanted to quit, but she didn’t. Overcoming those hurdles makes her fully equipped to now help others battling similar obstacles.

Being “Overworked” means one does not have the lifestyle they want. There exists a feeling of ‘not enough time’- whether that’s with family or getting things done in your business. There’s an element of not being present and feeling burnt out. Chris recalls the time period where she finally hit the 6 figure mark- but how it didn’t feel like she thought it would. She was really overwhelmed and was still basically trying to do everything herself. Her mentor advised her to hire a house manager. Despite the limiting beliefs she had initially, breaking through them and finally accepting this extra support with house chores was a game changer.

Limiting beliefs are a big problem because they hold us back from executing behaviors that would move us forward. This lack mentality keeps yo

u playing small. As an entrepreneurs, we need to get out there so we need those empowered beliefs to create the results we really want to have. Even though Chris thought she didn’t even have the money for it, she made the DECISION to hire someone anyway. Clients showed up which gave Chris the means to afford help. According to Chris, the key is to make  the decision before she was ready because the universe has it’s way of working it out for you. However, it’s up to you to DECIDE what you are worthy of.

Following this decision, she also hired a nanny for the children. Once again, Chris had to work through other limiting beliefs. She now finds that but now literally has the time, space and presence when she is spending time with her kids.

Chris is in a place where she can truly  appreciate her clients’ struggle and knows what they can do to change their situation (because she did). She recognizes that people get really tripped up about money. Despite this trepidation, she believes that the decision comes first! Allow yourself to go for it. The subject on money inevitably replays itself at bigger levels. But the more you practice making your decisions first,  the more you can draw from your experiences when you get to those higher levels.

The moral of the story is that when you are in a more relaxed state, you are more empowered and resourceful. You are more aware of your options.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why you don’t have to accept stress
  • The importance of being aware of your limiting beliefs
  • How our limiting beliefs keep us playing small
  • Why you’ve got to STOP doing everything yourself
  • Why you should DECIDE before waiting until you’re “ready”
  • Why decreasing overwhelm helps you to see clearer

Practical and Actionable:

Identify the top one or two things in your life where you need assistance. Start in your personal life- ie- kids or house work. or support in your biz. Ask yourself where the overwhelm is coming from. make the decision to make that change and allow the universe to support you and make it happen.


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