167 | How You Show Up Matters with Catherine Cassidy

Catherine CassidyHow are you showing up in the world and in your business? You may think that style and appearance is an insignificant and maybe even a superficial area to focus on. Catherine Cassidy – founder of U Styled says it is everything. In fact, our presence (mostly made up by our style) makes up 55% of our communication. Meanwhile, our verbal communication only makes up 7%! Catherine shares more on how our style is a representation of our inner attitude and thus why it’s important to start making some tweaks to our style. If connecting with others effectively is part of your business strategy, you’ll want to listen carefully to this episode.

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Target Audience: Catherine founded “U Styled” in 2008 with the intention of working with busy successful women and aim to make their lives easier. Catherine narrowed down her niche by only working with highly driven women.

Catherine CassidyThe mission of U Styled is to guide highly driven women in streamlining their style and outsourcing their shopping with the boutique box service offered. It is a unique approach to make sure their clients have the things they need in their wardrobes.

Why do your clients have to be driven?

Catherine explains that her target niche must be driven because they have to see the possibilities for themselves. Catherine sees the potential in everyone and doesn’t come from a judgemental place. Yet, she still believes it is important that her clients are able to see it too. Those who are driven see their own potential and know the direction they are headed in. ALSO, they are willing to invest in themselves and are consciously asking for help.

Why is style so important?

Style is all about how you show up. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s important to think about what you’re wearing because it actually impacts your performance. Social Psychologist, Adam Galinsky did a study using 3 different groups of people. They all had to wear a white coat – but they were all different types of white coats. Here were the categories:

  • Just a white coat
  • A doctor’s lab coat
  • A painter’s smock

Adam conducted a basic memory test to determine how each subject performed. The findings revealed a significant difference between those wearing the lab coat vs. the painter’s smock. It was concluded that your physical memories impact who you are and how you perform. It also affects how you make decisions and how you approach people.

Remember that people are feeling your energy. Your style is an outer expression of your inner self, so you want your outer presence to completely match your inner presence. In this way, your attitude backs up the words coming out of your mouth. Did you know that 55% of your communication is physical? Here is a complete correlation of how your presence translates into how you show up. Only 7% of your messaging is verbal! You want to be sure that what you are saying is lined up with your presence. It’s about achieving congruence with who you are connecting with and bridging that gap. Be sure you are showing up and not DISTRACTING.

Should men be concerned about their style?

Catherine says – Yes. Men should be mindful of how they are showing up too. Although there are differences in concern between men and women, there are concerns both genders share.
For example, both men and women are guilty for wearing clothes that are not properly fitted. Whatever the case may be, the unfitted and/or untailored looks comes off as unpolished and unprofessional.

Style is a statement of power and thus it is important to consider if you are someone who is intending to claim Authority in your market. You’re not only setting the precedence for those following you but also for all those on your team.

Here are some signs you may a tad on the frumpy side…

  • Your clothes “bunch” or “bag”
  • You have plenty of room in your clothes
  • You’re not comfortable even if you have plenty of room
  • You’re hiding (because you’re not comfortable)
  • You don’t get compliments on your clothes

*Remember that when you allow your own self to shine, you are giving others permission to do the same*

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How your style has everything to do with how you’re showing up
  • Why your presence is your biggest communicator
  • Why others can feel your presence
  • Why your style is connected to your inner attitude.
  • How your style can position you as an Authority
  • Why Men should be concerned about their style just as much as women
  • How to know if your style is frumpy

Practical and Actionable:

Reach out to Catherine directly via her website. The website is also packed with lots of free resources to get you started. Catherine also recommends going in your closet and trying on all your pants. Remember that you only need 1 good pair. Pay attention to the fit of your pants.

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