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Aaron WalkerOur podcast guest Aaron Walker had all the money and “things” he could ever want until certain events in his life catalyzed him to shift his paradigm of thinking in big ways.What poses the pivotal question: “What do you want?” And at the end of the day, we all want the same thing: Relationships. Relationships bring meaning and color to our lives. Something that things and money could never offer. How do we build a life around what we want then? Lean into this episode where Aaron tells us HOW.

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Target Audience: Aaron’s target audience is specifically narrowed in on Men. He aims to make ordinary men extraordinary.

Aaron started out his entrepreneurial journey in the Pawn industry when he was a teenager. He opened up his own Pawn business at 18. The business was so successful that he was able to pay off a 10 year loan in 36 months. He went on to open up a few more businesses in his twenties. He sold all of them. At 27, Aaron retired and “thought” he was finished. He ended up gaining 50 pounds in 18 months because he had nothing to do other than sit in the house. Aaron didn’t have to work anymore. This made him realize that he didn’t have a purpose. He had no reason to get up every day and felt quite bored.

Aaron WalkerHe decided to go back into business and bought the store he sold when he was 18. Then, in 2001, he experienced a massive car accident and it rocked his world. It made him really think about what he was doing and made him realize that all his life he had been chasing success. He opened up a construction company. At the age of 50, he retired one final time and started coaching for his business called – “VIEW.” Aaron made coaching mastermind groups and 1:1 coaching his focus.

Aaron delves deeply into 2 concepts: Success and Significance. So what does Success really mean anyway? Well, according to Aaron, everyone wants financial freedom & stability. But it’s more than just that. People want meaningful relationships. Everything else in life is pretty mute without that component. Aaron learned this from his dad. At his dad’s funeral in 2006, for 6 and ½ hours, the line of people waiting to see his dad’s casket stretched all the way down until the parking lot. And not one person in attendance talked about what his dad HAD. Rather, they spoke about his character and what they appreciated about him. That’s when Aaron realized what it meant to have a successful life- the RELATIONSHIPS we create.

Here were some of the other realizations this event in Aaron catalyzed:

  • It was also clear to him that having a clear conscious is important.
  • Learned to be CONTENT, yet not COMPLACENT.
  • Understood how to cultivate a clear sense of direction.
  • Trusting FULLY in a higher power.
  • Having the intention of creating meaning and purpose.
  • Intending to be considered wise and leaving a legacy.

What is Significance & what is Success?

Significance contrasts Success in that it is about meeting the needs of others. It is the subtle action of looking outward rather than inward. Aaron made the intention of helping others when they couldn’t repay him. This is about aiding others when it’s not exactly convenient for him. it’s about giving out of discipline (from the heart) rather than compulsion. WHY you ask? To build meaningful relationships.

All these intentions are rooted in a question he asked himself one day: “What do I want?” He created a document around it you can find in the resource section of this shownotes page. Most people live their life in reactive mode rather from a PROACTIVE place. Aaron encourages us to live a life on purpose with intention of your own making. The only thing we are in complete control over is our attitude and it is your choice to be content yet not complacent in your current situation.

By taking the time to invest in others and showing interest in their lives, you end up building real relationships. This drives business forward while also adding true significance to our lives. It’s a paradigm shift to think: “What do I bring to this?” vs “What can I get?”

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why relationships are more important than ANYTHING
  • How to build genuine relationships
  • How to add value to your life and business
  • The meaning of Success
  • The meaning of Significance
  • How to live a life of INTENTION

Practical and Actionable

Build relationships intentionally. Write 3 emails per day (or reach out to 3 new people every day). Tweet people. Retweet people. Reach out and do something for others.

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