174 | A Constant Flow of Ideal Clients with Dov Gordon

Dov GordonEvery business, yes every business, needs clients to survive. Find out in this episode what it takes to get a steady flow of ideal clients. I interview Dov Gordon who coaches entrepreneurs to create a steady flow of ideal clients. Dov shares a simple set of questions to help you on your journey.

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Target Audience: Dov focuses on coaches and consultants. He specifically chooses to work with those who are masters of their craft (rather than those seeking quick success). His service is for those who have an inner knowing that they are meant to make an impact and are ready to work on it.

What is an ideal client?

  • An ideal client respects you
  • An ideal client is ready, able and willing to pay for the value you bring
  • An ideal client will endorse you to others

Dov advises to seek those looking for your help. The only reason to have a niche is to formulate a clear message.

Dov GordonABOUT THEM: getting attention and interests of your ideal clients…

  • What problems do you help solve? And, what results do you enable?
  • Who has those problems?
  • Who wants those results?

ABOUT YOU: What you want…

  • What are the qualities and characteristics does your ideal client have?

Creating a constant lead flow and the questions you want to evoke in their heads with these SIX elements…

  1. Should i pay attention?Is it interesting? (remember, it’s a problem they have and don’t want + a result they want but don’t have)
  2. Can I trust you? That you care and are able?
  3. Is what you recommend right for me?
  4. Then, give them a taste: a hand raising free offer (webinar, product.. etc) and getting noticed…
  5. The sales conversation
  6. Your irresistible and compelling offer.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What an ideal client actually is
  • Why it’s best to seek those looking for your help
  • Getting the attention of your ideal clients
  • Understanding what you want in your ideal client
  • The 6 steps to follow in creating a steady flow of leads

Practical and Actionable:

Answer these 3 q’s.. (hint: it is best to gain feedback from a coach here):

  1. What problems do you help solve? And, what results do you enable?
  2. Who has those problems?
  3. Who wants those results?

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