198 | How to Empower Your Employees with Kathy Fettke

Kathy FettkeLeading your team to new levels is your job as the CEO. One key element to that is empowerment. Well, it is empowering your employees to see their role as part owner of the business. Our guest today is Kathy Fettke, CEO of Real Wealth Network. Kathy is a thought leader in her space with numerous appearances on CNBC, Fox News, MarketWatch and more.  Kathy shares how to empower your employees with real examples of what has worked in her business. 

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Target Audience: Kathy is the CEO of Real Wealth Network http://www.realwealthnetwork.com/ She helps real estate investors or people who want to invest accelerate their retirement plan through something more tangible. This includes building passive income through rental and income properties.


“When you’re really up against it, that’s when miracles happen” ~Kathy Fettke


Out of Pure Terror…

Was born the Real Wealth Network.  Sure, Kathy always had the desire to be an entrepreneur, but when her husband got sick and the medical bills started to pile up, Kathy had to figure out how to make money and fast. She used the platform she already had (a podcast) and built up her audience and target market through that. 

When you’re really up against it, that’s when miracles happen. It’s when she knew she needed to shift what she previously believed was possible.


“That’s when I knew I needed to shift what I believed was possible” ~Kathy Fettke


What did you discover in  your podcast interviews? (She interviewed Wealthy individuals)

  • mindset
  • being open to money  vs being afraid of money
  • just talking about money and breaking the taboo around it.

Kathy realized she always held the belief it was a selfish thing. She knew she had to create a constant flux of income. In her interviews, she learned the avenue towards that was real estate and/or building a business. So she did BOTH!


Empowered Employees: The foundation of any successful business

Really successful businesses are a result of empowered employees. These people may also be more talented than you. For the first time, she hired “ABOVE” her. She also brought in a partner because she finally understood how powerful that could be.


“Really successful businesses are a result of empowered employees” ~Kathy Fettke


How To Empower Employees

Kathy and her team hire people with the idea that this is their business too. Ask them:

  • What do you want?
  • What would be your dream job?
  • What would motivate and excite you?


When were you in the trenches Kathy?

Kathy was in the trenches when she had $250 in her bank account and couldn’t even pay her employees. This forced her to get creative along with the employees help. She learned that the hardest times in life are when you are forced to get creative.


 “We’ve hired people with the idea that this was their business too” ~Kathy Fettke


Kathy FettkeIn this episode we’ll cover:

  •  How to empower your employees
  • Why you want empowered employees
  • How to build loyalty with your staff
  • How Kathy managed to build passive and constant income
  • Why hard times are good times


Practical and Actionable:

Give people that opportunity to do a job they love. The vision is to promote financial freedom after all! Helping people grow is what will build loyalty.


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