258 | How to Create Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business with Byron White

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Byron White

The content marketing revolution is growing even more important. Forward-thinking companies are starting to think like “old school” publishers. They are developing content that teaches the marketplace something new. Our guest today is Byron White, with Writer Access. Discover the power elements of content marketing so you can develop your marketing strategy.

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Target Audience: Writer Access connects 25,000 customers with freelance writers. It helps customers connect with writers to develop quality content. Writer Access serves Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.

The Need: People lack the time to create content or even to create a content strategy. Byron says to learn to onboard a writer who can match your DNA, your tone and style. Then let that writer pitch idea to you and develop content you think would help your customers. This makes your website and brand more engaging and interesting.


This is not hard. It just takes commitment in the long haul of seeing the effects of quality content.


The Strategy

It’s better to have a lot more eyes thinking about some things and doing some of the details.

  • First Step: Get an editor. Letting someone else guide the missile to the target is key.
  • Second Step: Onboard the writer

This is very much like planting a bunch of different acorns. You don’t know which will end up being the tree but you plant a bunch of different ones. Help it grow. That’s what you need when it comes to content. Create the bite-sized nuggets and then go deeper. You’ve got to create consistently high-quality content and align with your brand.



We’ve simplified the process. How?

  1. The Customer Journey map: These point your content in the right direction. It helps no matter what different stage one is. Then it is translated to developing topic ideas.
  2. Buyer persona map: ask them why they bought your services. Learn their story.
  3. A keyword map: research your competition

Create content that’s engaging – targeting personalities who are driven by your content.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to create quality content with professionals
  • The strategy for hiring help
  • Why you could let someone else guide the content missile
  • Creating many many bite sized nuggets of content
  • Why patience is key to this whole process


Practical and Actionable:

Interview 4-5 people who are recent buyers. Go back and explore where their mind was- their story. That will give you quality content.

Resources and Links

How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

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