259 | Creating Your Own Media Platform with Brandon Adams

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Brandon Adams

What Media Platform are you using? Join us today where we chat with Brandon Adams about the platforms of Writing, Podcasting, and Video. Discover the power that lies within each platform to help you connect, inspire and grow your audience. Just as importantly, find out how with consistency and dedication, the likelihood of converting those people into clients or customers.

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Target Audience: Brandon helps people create their next 7 figure business by helping them to identify their platform be it writing, podcasting or video. His program teaches people the steps- which are not as hard as you might think. It’s really about just putting yourself out there.



Write a book. Why? Brandon says it validates what you know. It organizes your thoughts and helps you to stand out. It also is the platform from which you can acquire speaking gigs. Essentially, a book is the beginning the of the funnel.



Create a show- build on guests and build your audience. Remember, that in a way, you are doing your guests a favor. And in turn they are most likely to pay you back. You can become an influencer in this way. So, not only are you connecting with your listeners, but also making powerful connections with your guests (who are also influencers).



Video inspires, educates calls your audience into action. In today’s world, people WANT video. They want to be able to consume something. If you can offer inspiration, motivation, and entertainment- People will not only want your content and consume it, they will want to work with you. You are then seen as an influencer in your industry. This is about creating more relationships and learning to leverage them.


The Mindset Shifts to make: When you put something out and it seems like no one cares

Brandon says, the answer to the concern around this is to be consistent in putting out the content. Be willing to put yourself out there. Be willing to do things most people won’t. Conquer those fears.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why Writing a Book makes you an influencer
  • How Podcasting helps deepen & widen your relationships
  • Why Video motivates your audience to work with you
  • Why consistency is the remedy to fear of failure
  • Mindset Shifts to make to overcome fear


Practical and Actionable:

Identify what platform you are most comfortable with. Is it Writing, Audio or Speaking? Which will you choose to get on the path of being an influencer? Figure out the content/concept. Offer the solution. Figure out the structure and frequency and just START. This leads to a wider audience and bigger things/opportunities on the horizon.


Resources and Links

How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

I love my audience of listeners. I really do. I would love to help you in some way. I started doing calls with listeners and realized that it was a great way to understand you.

Okay, then I formalized the process to offer a Results Roadmap… it is a private one-on-one call with me about your business. I want to help you see your roadmap with more clarity and confidence. Find out more about the Results Roadmap (it takes you to my personal website). This is not a sales pitch. Let me serve you.


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