268 | Making A Quantum Leap Using Game Theory with Simcha Gluck

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Simcha Gluck

Do you know what Game Theory is? Game Theory was created to help entrepreneurs reflect on the actions they take in a day to day life. The game itself encourages a playful approach to different ways of winning (note: money is NOT the only way we win!) and increases creativity in the way solutions are determined. FreshBiz Global is a featured GameChangers 500 company alongside companies like Mindvalley, WholeFoods, Kickstarter, and Zappos. Join us on this episode as we dive into how to play a better game!

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Target Audience: Fresh Biz is game-based training experience. It serves entrepreneurs solopreneurs to employees and inside corporates.


Game Theory…

Is about playing a better game to be more actionable in a day to day life. Game Theory is a time-based game and it mirrors life. It lasts exactly 90 minutes and includes 4 players to start. What Game Theory provides is a mirror for people. It helps them to reflect on their lives outside of the game.


Collaboration is a new competition. Simcha believes we are a part of the shift where everyone can win. There is no personal threat.


What do people discover when playing the game that they didn’t know before?

One of the major lessons people learn is about money. You’re never short on money, you’re only short on creativity. In this money-centric society that we are living in, people think the only currency is money. When you get people to realize there are so many different forms of currency out there, it widens their perspective.   

It’s all about asking the right questions and looking at all potential resources and options. You play a better game by being smarter about resources.

Case Example

In an NBA program in Israel, an entrepreneur works for a startup technology company for water (the company aims to cleanse and sanitize the water).  Someone referred him to a company in Germany who has a very similar concept. This meant he suddenly had a partner who spoke a different language to collaborate with. It also provided more resources.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Game Theory provides a mirror for people’s lives
  • What people learn playing Game Theory
  • Why it’s not about competition but collaboration
  • Why money is NOT the ultimate resource
  • How creativity trumps currency


Practical and Actionable:

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Think of it this way: Life and business is so much healthier when we are aware that there are game mechanics involved. When we know we can win, we know that even if we don’t have all the resources- we hold the possibility that we may have access to someone who does. We don’t need to be the expert – we can hack the game no matter what the deal is.


Resources and Links

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