269 | How to Improve Your Marketing with Noah Kagan

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Noah Kagan

Marketing genius Noah Kagan joins us today to talk about how the world of Marketing is changing every day. We dive in deep into how to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world. Find out why being in tune with the frequent changes requires you to be humble and dropping your ego! How can you become the master of your craft? Find out where the market is going and the marketing tools Noah recommends on this episode!


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Target Audience: Noah helps start-up companies (the underdogs) kick ass, or in other words – promote themselves to success. Noah achieves this mostly through creating content about how he and his team have been able to grow their business.


How to be Relevant in Today’s Marketing World

What is relevancy anyway? It is easy to have a subject to talk about. But without substance, it is not sustainable enough that people will want to continue to hear about it. The key element here is to identify something that you know you will enjoy doing for a long time.


Being naive: tune into how society is changing. Be more naive and humble. People get stuck in the way they used to doing things rather than staying in tune with what people are  up to currently. Don’t be arrogant and miss out.  


Identify Problems You are Interested in. Then Become a Master of Your Craft


The #1 error businesses make, is they stop doing what works. You have to look at what is working and do more of that. You’ve also got to be willing to let go of the ego. Here’s an easy test: perceive your business as a consultant. What objective advice would you give?  

Growth does not come from doing the same thing!


Noah also thinks people need to find their own metric of success and not be concerned with what other people think.


So, Where is Marketing Going?

Define what your own success looks like. Don’t get caught up in yourself. Are you actually enjoying what you are doing? Noah says, “I find things that I think people need and I do what it takes to make sure they know about it.” People either get too self conscious or don’t have a strong enough belief in what their product does to really go out there and let the world know about it.


Appealing Marketing Tools:

Opportunities and marketing don’t come from marketing channels. You only get the advantage when you find that channel before anyone else.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Noah’s top marketing tools
  • Creating substance behind your message
  • Changing with the times
  • Do what works; experimenting 20% of the time
  • Identifying the problem you solve


Practical and Actionable:

Spend 4 days of doing what you know works.

Spend 1 day a week of experiment marketing.

People often do the opposite. Do what you know most of the time. Experiment 20% of the time.


Resources and Links

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