Getting Team Alignment in the Face of Change with Jan Bruce at meQuilibrium

Getting team alignment is crucial to the success of any organization, particularly in the face of change. As organizations experience change, it is essential to have a cohesive team that can adapt and work collaboratively towards shared goals. Today’s guest is Janesse Bruce, Founder, and CEO at meQuilibrium. Inc Magazine ranked her company #2813 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. meQuilibrium (meQ) is the #1 global digital resilience solution to build workforce well-being and performance. Their mission is to make any workforce a workforce for growth. In this episode, Jan talks about getting team alignment in the face of change. She also talks about resilience and over-communicating. Join us as we explore different approaches to getting team alignment, including communication strategies, creating shared vision and values, and team-building exercises. Tune in to discover the secrets of getting team alignment and build a strong foundation for your team’s success.

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Jan Bruce: The Transcript

About: Co-Founder and CEO Jan Bruce is a serial entrepreneur who brings a proven track record of success to the table. Jan’s natural agility in recognizing and addressing important, overlooked market opportunities allows her to reposition businesses and leverage new technologies that ushers in dynamic change. Jan Bruce distinguished herself early for her ability to drive cultural, digital, and M&A transformations that have helped companies achieve increased revenue, better operational efficiency, and internal cultures that set an example for authenticity and growth. In addition to being regarded as a future-focused, empathetic, and trusted voice in the boardroom, Jan is also an impassioned advocate for helping people make measurable improvements in their lives. Well-versed in consumer wellness and health trends, Jan has created cutting-edge, transformative products that satisfy demands in fitness, holistic health, alternative medicine, personal growth, and balanced living. At the height of her career, Jan Bruce realized that she was being pulled in so many directions – trying hard to balance being an executive, wife, and mother – and not feeling like she was performing optimally in any role. Instead of being excited and motivated, she was stressed out and approaching burnout. Jan knew she was not alone in feeling this way and recognized that stress was a big risk to both health and performance for much of the workforce. She had an epiphany: successful performance and behavior are influenced by the way we think, and lasting balance is only possible through self-awareness, self-management, critical thinking, and an overall commitment to our well-being.

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.




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