092 Abbie Burhans | The Power of Connecting Through a Live Event

Abbie Burhans Many people have misconceptions about events. Not all events are three days and hundreds or thousands of people. In fact, events come in all sizes. Today we talk about small intimate events that can boost your business. Abbie Burhans with Event Foundations has worked in the hospitality industry for years and she now helps coaches (and others) organize their small events to showcase their brilliance. Listen in to this episode for a dose of creativity to grow your business.

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Abbie’s Target Audience: includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches that want to grow their businesses by holding live events. Her purpose with Event Foundations is to work very closely with her clients as they are going through this process.

Abbie started out in hospitality doing everything from banquet set up to being a catering director of sales in a hotel setting. She felt the next step was to get on the ‘other side’ and do meeting planning where she quickly fell into the market of solo- preneurs and coaches (but not limited to). Abbie expresses how much she loves supporting this market because in doing so, they can support their own clients.

Abbie helps business owners condense their content and create really powerful half day or one day events (if they choose to have a small event) where the aim is to create a spotlight for yourself. She believes the presence and energy of a live event gives value something a webinar or any other form of virtual presence cannot.

TWEET THIS: “The presence of each person in the room creates an energy that catapults you on the next level” - Abbie Burhans

Abbie recognizes that what holds back a lot of people from hosting live events is that they feel the event itself needs to be large. This is simply not true according to Abbie. She firmly believes that small events can be great because of the level of intimacy that can only be achieved in small settings. In rooms of about 10- 20 individuals, people can openly ask questions and allows you as the facilitator to really talk through whatever problem you are helping that person through.

Abbie recommends doing full or half day events in settings like hotels, country clubs or even your own home! Events scheduled on weekdays are more economical. She also recommends under committing your numbers.

Abbie says, present your content for one hour and take a break. It is imperative that what you do and how you do it, is clearly conveyed. Engaging attendees gives them a real taste of your brilliance and a sense of how you work.

Another advantage to holding live events is that clients you’ve worked can provide on the spot testimonials for you.

TWEET THIS: “...there's no replacing the magic you feel in a room.” - Abbie Burhans

Holding events helps entrepreneurs really get out there. People hold so many virtual events these days that they underestimate the power of live presence. The presence of each person in the room creates an energy catapults you on the next level and it makes you the expert.

What factors stop people from doing events? According to Abbie, one fear is lack of ATTENDANCE. Lots of entrepreneurs feel they won’t have enough people to fill up a large room. They also fear the investment won’t generate enough profit. What they don’t realize is that the investment can generate 5 figures.

The other factor is that lots of entrepreneurs are stuck in “information mode” and are not putting their energy into planning. Abbie recommends taking action by picking up the phone and make your sales calls. Invite them to come to your event. The more personal you are, the more success you will witness.

Tweet this: “You can walk out of a room with 5 figures for working a day- a half day- for doing what you LOVE” - Abbie Burhans

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The numerous ways a live event (no matter the size) can help any business
  • How intimate events can get you sales
  • Why investing in a live event can get your money back and generate even more
  • The main fears holding back most entrepreneurs
  • What benefits live events hold that virtual gatherings simply can’t
  • Where you can host your events
  • How you can structure half or whole day events
  • The importance of moving beyond content to show people what you do and how you do it
Tweet this: “If you really want that person in your room, a personal phone call is going to make it happen” - Abbie Burhans

Practical & Actionable:

Abbie says set the date! Put the intention out there by planning an event 4- 5 months (for a large event) and 2- 3 months (for smaller events). This will give you plenty of time to find a location and do all your marketing. The most important factor here is to commit to yourself.

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