091 Emily Chase Smith | Trying Harder Is Not The Solution, It Is The Problem

Emily Chase SmithMany entrepreneurs hold the common belief that “trying harder” will lead them to personal and financial success. They continue to try harder even though results are lacking. “Trying Harder” is not the solution. In fact, trying harder is the problem, because it keeps you from seeing what you need to see. Emily Chase Smith shares her journey from being a bankruptcy lawyer to becoming Financially Savvy. Emily talks about how she used to work harder to find her way (sound familiar?) to discovering the power of stepping back and gaining a new perspective.

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Emily’s Target Audience: Emily’s target audience includes small business owners bringing in a revenue amount of around $200,000- $2 million who are seeking to become more aware and educated about their own personal finances to prevent bankruptcy or other financial mishaps.

Emily started out as a traditional attorney in her legal career and soon progressed into practicing bankruptcy law. She felt this was a space where she could really serve people. She specialized in helping small business owners who were faced with big business failures.

In working with small business owners, she quickly realized that there were multiple preventative measures that could have been put in place. This inspired her to become a Financial Educator where the mission was to prevent these devastating occurrences from happening.

Emily was motivated to start serving people by helping them to cultivate a financial plan designed to avoid a painful financial situation. She knew that creating a “practical and actionable” plan tailored to each small business owner’s situation could prevent financial chaos.

Emily significantly points out that one of the major problems small business owners face is that they are too afraid of looking at their finances. They hide from it. They avoid it. It is now Emily’s mission to help people face this all too common fear and create a plan that works.

Emily knew that if she truly wanted to be of service to others, she would have to think alternatively. In this episode, Emily admits how large of a transition it was and that she is ‘still in the trenches’ learning as she moves along.
She’s discovered that “injecting as much fun” as possible into the work she does is imperative. This includes bringing in her ukulele on stage with her when she does speaking events.

In creating a business Emily loves where she gets to serve people in a way that’s not so traditional, she also had to let go of certain beliefs. Beliefs such as: ‘working harder will get you better results.’ Emily states that this belief is simply not true in the Financial Education world.

And that’s the major difference between traditional business models and untraditional business models. Untraditional models are about serving and you cannot serve if you are always “doing.”

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to link arms with fear and why fear is your friend
  • Why self promotion is about serving others
  • Why it’s more important to “be” rather than “do” when it comes to running a small business
  • Why ‘working harder’ doesn’t work in small business
  • How ridding your belief of working harder will better serve you and your clients
  • Why hiding or avoiding from your personal finances is a recipe for disaster
  • Don’t take “no’s so personally
  • Emily’s 6 point framework

Practical & Actionable:

Emily says that because you are really the only one who is aware of all the moving pieces of your business, it makes you uniquely positioned to understand your finances better than anyone else. You can do this!

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