106 | The Authority Mindset with Brian Horn

Brian HornBecoming an authority in your marketplace will allow you to stand out from your peers. However, this “authority” thing comes with some limiting beliefs that you have to overcome. Welcome Brian Horn from Authority Alchemy who is going to share with you how to embody the authority mindset. Brian breaks it down into two parts so you can engineer your own authority.

Brian’s company is called Authority Alchemy. The mission of Authority Alchemy is to help clients focus on their mindset above all else by guiding their clients into owning that they are the educators and advocates in their industries.

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Brian’s Target Audience: Includes coaches, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs whom he guides in developing their authority to become experts in their industry and increase their exposure.

Brian has realized that people are uncomfortable calling themselves “experts.” Brian’s advice is- as long as you can say you are acting as an educator and advocate for your customer’s success you are in true alignment with your purpose. Brian says it is important to wrap your mindset around this concept.

There are 2 core pieces to the Authority Mindset:

  • Be the educator and advocate for the success of your customers.
  • And Micro-specialization- This means getting specific about what you will offer to and to who.

The problem that Brian sees is that people think they need to help everyone. On the contrary, Brian guides his clients into understanding the specific pain that keeps their ideal client up at night. Once you ‘get’ their core pain, it becomes easier to target your ideal clients and it also helps you to learn even more about what that client wants.

By micro specializing, you basically create a new category where you have no competition. In doing so, it makes it very easy for your prospects to choose you. Additionally, it is easier to get exposure because you have something totally unique.

Brian HornBrian acknowledges the fear most of his clients encounter- which is that they will not appeal to as many people and that they won’t have as many customers. Brian brings up the concept of “the balance of attraction” – meaning – the more people that love you is equal to ones that do not. You’ve got to be okay with everyone not loving you. However, it is essential to refine- refine- refine.

Brian shares with us his time in the trenches. He remembers working really hard (in 2010) when he was making six figures. He was part of a mastermind where he realized that he needed to start outsourcing. This very act liberated him out of the trenches because he was suddenly able to engage in the parts of his business he really loved. It was then clear to him that if he continued to do everything in his business it would be hard to establish himself as the authority.

This is the very reason why Brian believes in investing in investing in himself through coaching programs and masterminds. It helped him correct his mindset which is something no outside source or ‘next best thing’ can do. Brian feels investing in yourself in these ways creates a backlash of cash flow towards you every time.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The importance of investing yourself
  • Why mindset is the core aspect of yourself you should constantly look at
  • Why being Authority means being an educator and an advocate
  • The art of micro-specializing
  • Why you wanting everyone to love you is killing your business
  • How outsourcing liberated Brian and allowed him to do the things he really loves
  • Why outsourcing brings you steps closer to being the Authority

Resources and Links

Practical and Actionable:

Brian says to get you “win.” He advises to go onto CNN’s IReport (http://ireport.cnn.com/) and sign up to become a contributing journalist. Write an article regarding news in your industry. The people who follow you will look at you differently. It’s also a great way to take a stance in your opinion and put it out there for exposure.

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