146 | Let Go of What You Have Now To Get Success With Jesse Moskel

Jesse MoskelIf you want to do something different or new, you have be willing to do something new. Ok, not rocket science. Well this is only partly right. You have to be willing to let go of some stuff too. You might even have to let go of what made you reach your current level of success. This is the hard part. Today’s guest is Jesse Moskel with Agile Marketing Solutions. We talk about a lot of stuff to make you successful in the game of business so tune in to get your dose of wisdom from a fellow Leader in the Trenches.

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Jesse’s Target Audience: Jesse helps entrepreneurs and businesses discover their deeper sales message through powerful copy to generate more business with less work.

Jesse’s been a copywriter for quite some time and grew up in sales. He knows that the spoken word important. It’s one to one communication which builds the whole “know like and trust factor” needed for authentic relationships with clients. change from sales to copy- realized it’s a magnifier. If you can cultivate a strong voice, you can really convey a powerful message- one that is truly heard.

These days, people’s inboxes are totally and utterly overflowing with emails. So, the challenge is getting into a crowded inbox. It’s a noisy place. Your subject line and first line of your email have to be attention getters. The other challenge is that your readers may be thinking about different things than you are. Staying sensitive to what your readers are interested in is key.

Keep in mind that talking to too many people at once may water down your message. The message must be relevant to them and you must be certain about who it is you are talking to. You CAN’T talk to everyone- only your specific audience. Do your research about your audience and what their needs are. Jesse spends 70% of his job doing research for his clients. He looks into why people buy from them and why they were chosen over others. This is unique to each and every client he serves.

Pay attention to your current customers. Are they serving your new goals? Jesse shares that the clients he served 3 months ago, he can’t serve today because he has expanded. It takes an honest conversation with clients or customers around the fact that they are not suited to each other. This is a tough pivot to make- but essential to a business’s growth.

If you’re looking for more clients this is a tough call and it’s mostly hard to let go of bad clients because of the money. However, this is all part of the transition and change one must make. At the end of day, Jesse suggests to perceive it as if we’re just playing a game. If we can hone in on that care free attitude to experiment and have fun with it- the sky is the limit.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to let go of the old to bring in the new
  • Why the spoken word builds that “KLT”
  • How to make your way through crowded inboxes
  • The importance of doing your research on your audience
  • How to have that “pivot” conversation with clients who are not aligned with your biz goals
  • How to look at your transition with a care- free attitude

Practical and Actionable:

No matter how much we can sit here and talk about what we know – remain a student of the game and to keep learning from others and continue to better yourself. Jesse shares a quote from someone he knew a long time ago: “I’m a teacher by day and a student by night.”

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