147 | Hiring and Managing Sales Rep Series 1 of 3 With Mark Jamnik

Mark JamnikSales is a critically important part of your business success.  In fact, it’s arguably the most important part. Most business owners have to learn to sell and position their products and services with blood, sweat and tears.  When they figure it out, they hold on to this part with tenacity and refuse to let go.  Meanwhile, there are others eager to hire someone to do the networking, relationship building and the endless calls to prospects.  Well, one of the most important hires you will make as a business owner will be the one that makes it rain (rain with money that is).

Today’s guest on the show is Mark Jamnik, who helps his sales team do more and sell more. Listen in on the conversation as we discuss hiring and managing sales reps.  If you want a team or have a team, this series is for you. Tune in to all three episodes to get the full picture.

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Target Audience: Mark serves business owners who have been in business for some time. Their business has become bigger than them and they are trying to grow by 1 million or more. They’ve also got a team and so Mark directly with their sales team.

Mark used to feel that sales was a dirty word because of how it is most frequently perceived. But now Mark has a different take on sales because he knows it is really all about serving and asking the right questions. When businesses become bigger than their business owners, outsourcing must happen. This can be a scary thing for business owners to do.

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make in hiring sales reps? According to Mark, it’s rushing into hiring someone. Mark advises to take into account of whether the sales rep is a good fit culturally. Are they aligned with the overall objective and mission of the company? You may use assessments to determine this. Mark gives us two examples of assessments: “Disc platform” and Kollbe helps you to find out.

Additionally, get clear on what exactly your sales rep will be responsible for. What are their strengths? Align the right people into their right roles because anything outside of that is inauthentic. This is how you can expect your team to show up as their best selves. Also, pay attention to how they interview? How are they approaching the process? Are they bringing new ideas? 

Mark JamnikMark says that sales is integral and the biggest investment you can make in your company because that is what is going to grow and scale beyond you. Eventually business owners are able to grow in ways they didn’t even see possible before.

Hiring a team is really an opportunity of understanding and embracing everyone’s uniqueness and their best skill sets so they can follow a process in such a way that they can duplicate themselves. As long as you believe in what you are selling wholeheartedly, as long as you believe you are the one to offer and sell to that particular person, then you can sell. No techniques are needed- it’s just strategy and process to follow. Help your team through those steps.

Mark recommends having a dashboard to keep track of metrics that matter and where things are in the pipeline. Be absolutely clear with the vision and goals and make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page with that. Get this free Dashboard download from Mark right here!

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why selling is really about service
  • How to allow your team to show up as their best selves
  • How to highlight your teams’ best assets
  • Why embracing their uniqueness is essential
  • Why having a dashboard is essential
  • The benefits of having a dashboard

Practical and Actionable:

Take a look at your numbers. What will it take for you to achieve those goals for the year? How many clients is it going to take? Taking a look at your numbers will allow you to make those key decisions so that your team may also follow and hit the goals you have set.

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