157 | Using Advanced Marketing with Jon Loomer

Jon LoomerTaking your marketing to the next level will take your quality of clients to the next level. Today’s guest is Jon Loomer, who has taken his experience in social media from big brands like the NBA and American Cancer Society to create a powerful business serving those that want advanced marketing. Discover a unique approach to using remarketing that gave him an unbelievable opt-in rate. Jon shares with you what marketing looks like in 2015.

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Target Audience: Serves advanced Facebook marketers who want to utilize Facebook for advertising.

Jon calls himself an “accidental marketer.” He didn’t start out with the success you see around him now because he began attracting a lot of “freeloaders” – those who didn’t want to spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising, let alone on his services. So he needed to focus on a new audience: Advanced facebook marketers. He finds these people are naturally more advanced and also valued his services. He now appeals to the audience he wants to appeal to.

Jon wasn’t always so confident and he didn’t quite see himself as the one to appeal to advanced Facebook marketers. However, he came to a point in his life where he didn’t want to move anymore or commute. He desired to completely dedicate himself to his family. John Robinson became his mentor whom he began to have weekly calls with. Together, they worked on a lot of mindset issues like procrastination and self-doubt. The most profound question John Robinson asked Jon was whether taking specific actions energized him.

Jon LoomerJon realized he had to emotionally address things that were blocking him from growing his business. Though Jon has worked through many mindset blocks, it doesn’t mean he still doesn’t feel the fear. For example, although he has a fear of speaking, he fights through it. See Gene’s Speaker Series for more on how to deal with your own fear of taking the stage.

What energized Jon was his main motivation for not wanting to work for the man anymore and working for himself. Likewise, he wanted the flexibility to do things he loves like coach his kids and watch them grow up. Even though Jon has lots of opportunities coming at him, he filters out what’s not important (along with the guidance of his mentor – John Robinson).

Let’s dive into the hot topic of FACEBOOK:

The biggest problems Jon sees is that many people approach Facebook advertising the way they approach things like Google AdWords. Many don’t have a website but instead a landing page from Leadpages and use Facebook to target and sell. They are then surprised with disappointment when it doesn’t work out. Jon confirms that this is because doing that way is like taking a shortcut without having an actual audience. Those people one advertises to don’t know or trust the advertiser. It takes a lot of work. Content is extremely important. Building trust is very important too.

You can go straight for the opt-in but people value their email address. They want to know that they can trust you and will receive value from you. It’s about long-term success. Driving traffic is how you build relationships organically. Jon did an experiment where he offered a total of 12 tips. He served them what he promised by not asking for email add – YET. He built their trust slowly and this filtered out people who weren’t truly interested in his service. At the end of serving out all the content, he offered a webinar and at that point, many people felt trust and thus provided their email address. He then made an offer to “his people.” Again, Jon didn’t do anything to sell or get an optin until the end. Keep in mind that many of these people would have never gotten involved if he had asked for their email in the beginning.

Remember, Jon did this through ads – not automated emails. So it was highly specific in who it retargeted. Interest in the first and lead to the second ad and so on. Emails were provided based on the trust the audience had in Jon.

In this episode, we’ll cover

  • Why Know, Like, and Trust gets you ideal clients
  • Why you don’t want to go straight for the optin
  • How to build online relationships organically
  • Why it’s important to give your audience real value
  • Why Content is so important
  • Why it’s better to go the long route to build your audience
  • The power of retargeting

Practical and Actionable

You need to target people most likely to engage- those who know you already. If you have an email list, upload it as an audience. It’s all about traffic to your website. If you can re-market to people then that is fresh. Go to your Facebook ads manager – click on audiences – then create your custom audience for your website and install your pixel. Add that to your website.

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