156 | Shifting from Me to We for Impactful Leadership with Kare Anderson

Kare AndersonThe meaning of leadership today is shifting significantly and it’s for the better. Join us on this podcast with Kare Anderson who says that leaders who possess a “WE not ME” mentality have a greater impact on the collective. By truly knowing ourselves on a deep level, we can choose others to collaborate with. Leaders often think they’ve got to create an impact on their own but according to Kare, this is not so! Lean into this inspiring episode!

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Target Audience: Kare’s clients are as diverse as Salesforce, Novartis, S.F. Giants and The Skoll Foundation. Her message focuses on helping leaders transform their thinking from “Me to We.”

Kare was raised not to talk about herself. She was predominantly shy, an observer and a daydreamer. She wondered about the people around her and collected insights into their motives and behaviors. She became a journalist and worked in Europe, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, and Forbes. Throughout her journey, she has been surrounded by great mentors. She currently speaks about connective behavior.

According to Kare, we are increasingly talking about ourselves in today’s world. An ever-increasing amount of us is leaving the traditional world of working for others and are working on our own. We seek to have a deep and meaningful connection with others. There’s a strong desire for finding mutual sweet spots of interest and to create meaningful collaborations.

David Rockefeller Jr said: “Kare focuses changing how you see yourself and your world.” Kare truly believes some of our greatest allies are those with different temperaments. We must know ourselves first so we can identify those other people. It is this sense of mutuality that gives us additional lenses into perceiving the world around us. It’s not about just striving for just yourself anymore, but striving for the collective and working together.

We often make assumptions regarding others’ motives and this leads to misunderstandings. A book entitled Mindwise by Nicholas Epley sheds light on how we can feel more connected to each other.

“If your leadership is not all about you it will live beyond you” ~Andy Stanley. Everything we learn puts us on a path for deeper learning. Our emotional intelligence is twofold. Kare questions how can we use it? Are we using it for the greater good? The focus of leadership is shifting according to Kare. Leaders must be connective leaders. They must be aware of their own temperament and talents. This guides a leader in identifying other leaders with complementary temperament and collaborating with them. Leaders who focus on the collective and embody a “US” attitude have a more meaningful impact.

Kare AndersonKare believes we have to go slow to go fast. We shouldn’t always be the smartest person in the room. The leaders who are most productive are those that attract complementary partners. Collectively, they find their sweet spot together and are of greater service as a consequence.

It is true that we respond quicker and stronger to what we don’t like. This is our survival reaction. If you want to know yourself and understand what you care about, pay attention to what bugs you and on the flip side of that is what you care about. Kare wrote a course on “Dealing with Difficult People.” If you know what characters bug you, you know your hot buttons and you can consciously choose your reactions better. You can choose to behave out of grace. You can choose how you respond in interactions with all people (those you don’t respect and those you do) – it’s for the collective.

Kare shares a personal story about being in the trenches and how she became more resilient as a result. Prior to this Kare used to stand on sidelines. Someone she knew was once wrongly accused of a murder. It was in this moment she chose to come forth and stood up for what was right. This served as a building block for future times. She also recognized that those who stood with her were the right people for her in her life.

In this episode, we’ll cover

  • Why you must know yourself
  • The importance of choosing people with contrasting temperaments to yours
  • Why Leaders who have a US mentality have a greater impact
  • Why you must stand for something
  • Be specific about what you like vs. what you don’t
  • How awareness leads to a graceful response

Practical and Actionable

Specificity. What do you stand for? What’s the key benefit of your company so people can draw conclusions and meaning for themselves.

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