298 | The Sober Entrepreneur with Russ Perry

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Russ Perry

Russ Perry wants you to ask yourself what is making your life hard. Are you willing to give that up?  For Russ, it was his relationship with alcohol. It was holding him back from being the best he could be. What are you addicted to? What is holding you back from living a life? On this episode we talk about the myths we buy into as entrepreneurs and how to create a business based on our values. This episode is about how to feeling fulfilled now and not later.

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Target Audience: Russ has always been an avid technology and creative nut. He serves his target audience by providing them straightforward, easy to use graphic design help. He works with a wide range of people, from mom’s getting their businesses off the ground to leaders and consultants who’ve been in business for a while.

The Sober Entrepreneur

Russ’s book is called The Sober EntrepreneurThe book was inspired by the challenges he was facing as an adult related to addiction, stress, and family life.

The book’s title and concept represents the literal struggle he personally had with alcohol addiction. It also represents the metaphorical addiction that certain people have to other things such as work for example. But really, addiction can be felt for many things. The point is, we put blinders on to avoid conflict because we assume we don’t want the challenge we are dealt with. But instead of dealing with the challenge, we avoid them.

The Myths We Are Sold

One of the beliefs we hold is: “Balance will come after the success.” Russ found himself working so much (one of the intentions being so that he could provide for his family). What ended up happening was that he experienced an insane amount of stress. He then masked the stress with alcohol which amplified the stress even more. Ultimately he admits that he self destructed. Everything he was working towards eroded away because of the lifestyle he had created.

He even had an affair and that’s when he knew he hit rock bottom. Getting caught by his wife sobered him up really quickly! He decided he needed a new way and a new path. So, he changed his course and tackled his addiction first.

Having a Fully Integrated and Healthy Business

Russ knew what he valued most was family. So, he structured his business to enable those values. So ask yourself: How can I design a life and a business that supports my values?

Practical and Actionable:  

Identify something you are addicted to in your life. It could be anything from alcohol, to working too much. Take a look at what things are making your life harder. The simple decision to just not do those things will great massive positive impact.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Myths we buy into as entrepreneurs
  • Identifying addictions
  • Creating a business based on values
  • Building an integrated and healthy biz
  • Feeling fulfilled now not later

Resources and Links

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