299 | Activating The Purpose Within Craig Filek

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Craig Filek

So, you’ve achieved the level of success you’ve always wanted, but you thought you’d feel better than you actually do. Our guest, Craig Filek, created Purpose Mapping. Purpose Mapping is about grounding who you are and how you serve others. On this episode, we dive into cultivating a daily practice that boosts dopamine levels to help you carry out the actions needed to take those key action steps. This is about getting into your genius zone and actually doing what you are wired to do!

Target Audience: Craig specifically works with people who have achieved success but are feeling empty and not as fulfilled as they thought they would be.

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The Power of Purpose

Have you found your purpose? Are you feeling grounded about it? Do you possess clarity, courage and bravery around where you are going and what you are going to do?

Purpose Mapping

Craig developed purpose mapping to help get people’s lives into alignment. He came up with it at a time when he had accomplished all those things he thought he wanted. Despite the accomplishments, he was walking away from it all.  He decided to go a different path. He sat with this acceptance for 9 months and this process had emerged. Influenced by Tony Robbins and other such philosophers and coaches, he found they all had a similar message: start with a clear WHY. When you have THAT- you can bear any HOW.

Applying Your Purpose

Purpose = WHO I am and WHY I am here. The strategic component is about grounding it in a way that serves as a contribution so that you may embody your purpose in your day to day life.

Cultivate  Daily Practices to Increase Your Dopamine Levels

We must all ask ourselves, “What are the daily practical and tactical things I need to do to hit that level of dopamine that will allow me to execute the action steps every day?” Craig says, even if we just hit that for a minute every day, it adds up every day and changes our brain chemistry. It changes our perspective on the world, how we see it and what we think we are capable of.

Maintaining Flow State

Flow is that experience of being in a lucid state of consciousness. Think back to a time when you were performing your best and feeling your best- that’s a flow state. Executives in a flow state are literally 500% more productive. This is becoming a competitive advantage in business.

How Purpose Mapping Works

It’s about taking these parts of ourselves and putting them into boxes. there is the “being” side of a person’s experience; there’s the “doing” side of a person’s experience. there are ways of being that feel better or feel worse. those 4 quadrants map out psychological wholeness. Brene Brown highlights those aspects of us we hide, suppress or deny. seeing it allows us to put back on the table so we can begin to TAP THE POWER. taking all this in the direction of our strengths will get us in the flow state. where the inner critic shuts off and we go into our genius zone.

Purpose. Autonomy. Mastery. If a leader can give their team members that experience, they will be loyal, productive, happy. this is good for society as a while. Getting into the genius zone is what we are wired for.

The Difference Between Purpose and Mission

Purpose is the reason we exist. Our mission is that big hairy audacious goal that we align our lives around.

Leaders need to help their teams clarify the goal as distinct from who they are and why they are here. They’ve got to make sure they are in alignment. If they are not, Leaders have a responsibility to help them move on.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What Purpose Mapping is
  • How to apply your purpose and serve others
  • Cultivating a daily practice
  • Getting into your genius zone
  • Identifying what you are wired for

Practical and Actionable:

Click HERE to commit to your own Purpose Mapping.

Resources and Links:

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