323 | What is Intrapreneurship Inside the Brand of a Corporate Giant, Coca Cola

Do you know what intrapreneurship is? Do you know the value of it? It may be a term you have heard before, but this interview will help you envision it in action. I am talking with Joe Bellotti about working at Coca-Cola and how he was able to think more like an entrepreneur as he created value and innovation. Joe shares how he leveraged partnerships and teamwork to make strategic initiatives within a huge business. Intrapreneurship can be used even by smaller companies. Discover why you should lead to encourage intrapreneurship.

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Intrapreneurship with Joe Bellotti

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Target Audience: Joe is the founder of Noise Gate: a marketing consultancy working for brands to help them leverage the power of music and the audiences that are engaging with. Joe specifically works with startups and new technologies to help them connect and build partnerships with brands. Joe says there is a real win win when large scale brands and startups pair together.


Cultivating the Entrepreneur Within Your Team

Joe believes in allowing your employees to think more like entrepreneurs. They may start out as your employees, but Joe says to make it your mission to get them to think like you did when became an entrepreneur. This causes them to think differently, bring new ideas, new value creation and new resourcefulness.

For any marketer, it is important to understand where what you do applies across the value chain. Sometimes you are building a brand- a conception of who you are in a customer’s mind. Other times, you are building value through the partnerships, the network, distribution, and the retailers you are trying to sell your brand into.


This Is No Solo Act

The misconception Joe comes across around entrepreneurship and/or intrapreneurship is that it is a solo endeavor. It’s NOT! The teams around the organization is where the value is. You cannot leverage any business alone.


Changes Coming

Joe predicts a cultural shift where people are going to be listening more intently than they have before. We’ve evolved through radio, television, internet, and phones. In today’s world, the access we to these mediums is unsurmounted. So, brands are going to have to figure out how they use all this audio space to brand experience and deliver a message/story to people who are listening and not necessarily looking.

Joe shares that if you are looking at partnership with the goal of revenue, you’ve got to be realistic that brands are looking to reach an audience. If you have an audience that is valuable to them, then there is something to be done.


What would you tell these emerging businesses regarding these big partnerships?

Joe says, the idea here is: what can we do together? what is the unified objective? Think of it as 2 brands coming together. How can we combine our efforts to reach each other’s audiences? It’s so hard to convey any message, you might as well combine efforts if it makes sense strategically.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship in your team
  • Why no entrepreneur works alone
  • Cultural changes that are inevitable
  • Finding the right partnerships
  • Identifying the objective between partnerships


Practical and Actionable:

What would you tell a CEO about putting together and encouraging entrepreneurship?

Joe shares that as long as you are doing something strategically smart and well intentioned for the brand, then there’s no loss because it’s going to be successful to some degree or it may not be. Everything that we do and fail at is always information that brings us to our next steps.



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