324 | The Keys to Courageous Leadership

Do you have courageous leadership? Be honest with yourself here. Do you have some fear holding you back? Doing what you have never done takes courage. Leading your team to a new big vision takes courageous leadership. Today I share a piece of my story in running my business up to $5 million and not having the courage to keep evolving as a leader and a pushing my company to new levels. There are a few signs of fear that I share that you must wrestle with in our journey as courageous leaders.

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The Keys to Courageous Leadership: The Transcript

How courageous are you as a leader? Think about that for a second.

Do you have the courage to innovate, do you have the courage to invest money where necessary, do you have the courage to create a program where you don’t know the exact results at the end? ‘Cause that’s the key to you getting what you want and having a growth culture.

Hi, my name’s Gene Hammett, I work with hypergrowth companies and those that want to understand hypergrowth so that they can activate their teams around it, and one of the key concepts behind this is this factor of own it, and own it culture.
In order to have ownership inside your culture and the feeling of ownership with each employee, you’ve gotta have the courage to lead them and you’ve gotta have the courage to let them fail, you gotta have the courage to really allow them to be the most that they can be, and that’s a really hard question to answer.

I talk to companies all the time that want to increase their sales, they want to increase their market leadership or the penetration they have in certain new markets, but they’re not willing to invest in it, they don’t have the stomach for the courage that it takes to create that kind of company. Trust me, I know, I lived in a place where I had a very comfortable living, my company was around five million dollars, I wanted to innovate, but I never did, I really struggled because I talked about it but I never did anything about it.

I made those incremental gains every month because I didn’t have the courage to move forward the way I wanted to, I was once giving a keynote speech and I was really excited about being at this event called The Cult Gathering, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with a thousand brand leaders, there was people from all over the place, big companies from Jeep to Coca-Cola to Beats to Jack Daniels, super excited to give this speech, and in fact, I was giving a speech next to one of my informal mentors, I’ve read her books, Brene Brown was one of the keynote speakers, she was giving the speech before me, and I just absolutely was so excited about this, and I remember this because Brene talked about courage and I wanna share with you what she said.

“You can either have courage or comfort, but you can’t have both.” the problem is we’re seeking to have both comfort and courage, we wanna be courageous, but we’re also seeking to hold on to what makes us comfortable, so I share this with you because I want you to think about how you’re leading. Are you as courageous as you really wanna be, and how do you know if you could be more courageous, how do you know if you’re holding yourself back?

Well, some of the things that you will hear yourself doing and saying is you will talk about the things that you wanna do, but never actually do it. You will plan, but never actually test. You will not write the checks, you will not put it on your calendar so that you will move forward.

Those types of things are the behaviors that are really filtering through and really driving you in holding on to what is comfortable. All this I share with you because I want you to be the kind of leader that you wanna be, I think you wanna be a transformational leader, I think you want to drive forward with courage. I’m not saying there’s gonna be no fear in what you’re doing, because there will be fear ’cause there’s uncertainty, but do you wanna be a courageous leader?

That’s my take here, this is hypergrowth.tips if you wanna get all of the previous episodes, just go to genehammett.com, find the podcast, or just go to hypergrowth.tips and it’ll take you right to where you wanna go.

My name is Gene Hammett, I work with these hypergrowth companies, and I’d love to help you, if there’s anything I can do, make sure you reach out, and as always, lead with courage and I’ll see you next time.



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