325 | How to Create an Agile Culture with Michael Gale

Agility. Agility of change. Agility of leadership. Have you felt the need for more agility in your culture? I got a chance to talk with the author of “The Digital Helix,” Michael Gale. We talk how to create an agile culture. This will give you wisdom and strategies for building a team mindset centered around agility. If you want to navigate change, you must understand the speed of action.

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Leadership in the 21st century

Today, Leadership is about empowering individuals to ignite their own sense of ownership.

A sense of ownership and passion is what organizations are trying to adopt- because it not only differentiates them but gives the intrinsic energy of ownership

Michael and his team at Inc Digital wrote the book the Digital Helix to help these types of organizations transform their mindset to unleash the power that is inside of them. It essentially helps people truly take ownership.

More than just a job

You can’t have people working for you who see what they do as just as just job. The 21st century is going to have to be very agile to be highly successful. You need people who are willing to take on that sense of ownership and thus: AGILITY. This energy of ownership must be at the very root of everything they do.


Agility is about how you think. It is about how you design and how you execute. To be agile, you’ve got to think differently. Agility requires high consciousness – it is no accident. People are afraid to experiment but experimentation is the new way of growth. Allowing failure to happen by making it transparent not shameful is the new name of the game.

Allowing failure to happen in your culture is what Michael calls “rhythmic chaos.” Rhythmic chaos is healthy if people own what that rhythmic chaos is.

Within this rhythm, employees learn how to fail and recover. It grants them the freedom to experiment with purpose. This allows for learning. It also brings the understanding that everything in life is an experiment and it’s just about learning to get better and better. There is no ONE way to win. There is no sure fire way that is going to pull you all the way through. So you’ve got to learn how to change progressively. If you don’t – you can’t have hypergrowth.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The future of leadership
  • The gift of AGILITY
  • Letting your team fail
  • Why failure is good
  • Getting comfortable with experimentation

Practical and Actionable:

Here are 3 exercises to do with your team:

Ask yourself and your team, “What do you stop, start and do differently?”

Sit down on a Monday and ask: what do we stop doing this week? What do we start doing this week? And what do we do differently? This is the way of moving towards a culture of ownership and experimentation. This changes the way you think about problem solving.

Do this for an hour on Friday and an hour on Monday- and watch how swiftly things can move! This is about preventing calcification and encourages the dialect to develop