326 | How to Create a Mission To Drive Your Company

Do you have a mission for your business? Your “mission” is not to make more money. Your mission is something that fuels you from the inside. Today’s mini-episode is about my vacation, Mondays, and creating your Moonshot. It includes insights from self-made Billionaire, Naveen Jain.

There is a special offer of free access to my interview with Naveen that can change the way you lead and how your people engage with the business.

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How to Create A Mission: The Transcript

Do you have a mission for your company? Do you have something that really drives you as the founder, and also the core executive team, and also all of the people involved in the company?

That mission is a great tool as a leader to really get people moving in the same direction together. Getting them aligned.

We’re gonna talk about a moon shot, but before we go there, my name is Gene Hammett. I work with hypergrowth companies, and I help companies understand the hypergrowth disciplines. I’ve studied the Inc. 5000, on average they’re growing over 200% in a year. That information has been remarkable, and one of the things in there that’s common, is a mission.
When I talked about moon shot, did you know what that was? It comes from Google. Google has this group of engineers and product managers, that are creating, you know, things that are really breakthroughs in our world. Those are moon shots. They are, some people would call them crazy, because they can’t get there. I recently interviewed a billionaire, named Naveen Jain, who is curing healthcare, and curing chronic diseases. That is a moon shot.

I share this with you about missions and moon shots, because I want to share with you a little story from my past few weeks. I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been having fun in Spain, with my family and on the beach, and eating great food, it’s an amazing time. If you ever been to Spain before, you got to check it out. I’ll show you some pictures up here of the great time we had. But what I really wanted you to know is, yes, I had a great time on vacation, but today is Monday that I’m recording this. And Monday, I was ready to get back to work. I was ready to really go at it again, because I know I’m creating something special, and I’m giving to the world.

Now, I share this with you too, because my moon shot is I believe, and I can see a world where everyone loves Monday.

Think about that. I saw, at least three different times today, where people were not liking Monday, because they had to get on a plane and go somewhere, or because they didn’t want to go to the job that they don’t like. And it just really pains me when I see that. Because I know it’s because of leadership is not really engaging those people, and giving them opportunities to grow. And that’s a big part of the work I do.

Now, my moon shot is unique to me, but what is your moon shot? What is your mission? I want to give you two questions to ponder here. These two questions come from my interview with Naveen Jain, which in a couple of weeks I’ll be putting at the full interview. But these two questions are something you can do tomorrow with your cup of coffee.

The first one is, what are you willing to die for? Think about that for a second. What are you willing to die for, and what are you living to live to create? It’s all one question. So think about that, and really take some time to think, you know, go deep, go beyond what you know how to do. Go beyond all of the things that tells you that this is safe, or this is reasonable. Create something that is unreasonable. This is just ideas, put them on paper, see how they feel.

That second question is, if you had all the money in the world, let’s say a billion dollars, what would you do with your life? Now, I would be doing the same thing I do right now if I had a billion dollars. I’d be helping companies grow, and I’d be helping others in a way that would really allow me to be me. But what would you do? This whole mission conversation, and how to find your mission, is such an important aspect to leadership that I offer to you to think about today.

Now, if you want to go a little bit further, I’ve got a special preview of the Naveen Jain interview. You can download it at GeneHammett.com/moonshot. Just go to that, just go to GeneHammett.com/moonshot, and you can get that special piece of the interview. And then in a couple of weeks, you’ll see the first half of that, but they do really stand alone.

Right, my name is Gene Hammett, I work with hypergrowth companies, and those that want to understand hypergrowth, and this is all about your mission, and about your leadership. Are you willing to accept this challenge, and find your mission and define it? As always, lead with courage, and I’ll see you next time.



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