335 | Discover Your Moonshot with Naveen Jain

Do you have a mission? Better yet, do you have a moonshot? Today, we talk about what a moonshot is. We talk about why you need one. And we talk about it with a billionaire who is out to change the lives of billions with his Moonshot. Naveen Jain is the CEO of Viome and co-founder of Moon Express. Naveen and I talk about how to discover your moonshot.  Don’t miss this episode or part two of the interview for VIPs.

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Discover Your Moonshot with Naveen Jain

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Target Audience: Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist motivated to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. Currently, he is focused on solving the problem of inflammation in the body by targeting gut health.


Naveen’s Current Project: Gut Health

Naveen has come to the understanding that the whole industry is designed to keep us sick- not healthy. And pharmaceutical companies love chronic illness because it entitles them to making more money.  So, it seems we have a universal health problem. Whatever health issue people have, it mostly stems from one thing: INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is almost always caused by imbalances in the gut. And so, Naveen is working diligently to promote gut health.  


Moonshot is that audacious goal(s) and problems that face humanity. If those problems are solved, it’s a huge deal. It is like our first time landing on the moon.

What is your moonshot? If you want to be a billionaire- it’s easy- just go out there and solve a billionaire kind of problem. That’s the moonshot. Examples of moonshots are: create an abundance of energy, find a way to get everyone on earth access to fresh water, create an abundance of food, solve the problems around health care and education.


Making Illness a Choice

This is Naveen’s billionaire idea- even though he’s no doctor! He’s just an entrepreneur with a dream and a plan like the rest of us. Why is it that anyone is qualified to answer this problem? Naveen says, once you are an expert in a field, you are fundamentally at that point useless. He believes, you actually have to come from OUTSIDE that industry. From that angle, you can challenge the foundation of it and the aspects of it that people have taken for granted. It’s a strength to know nothing about it.

So when it came to healthcare and Naveen started to research chronic illness, he came across a common link: it’s all mostly directly influenced by our gut microbiome and chronic inflammation. All diseases begin in the gut. It is that simple.

Many of us believe that our genes are our destiny- but turns out what makes us who we are in our genetic expression, is not mostly genes. The microbiomes in our body make up 2 million to 20 million genes. Our genes are what allow us to born but our microbiomes are what keep us alive and healthy (or not healthy). It governs who we are.


Rendezvous with Brilliant People  

When you dream in big ways, you also start to rendezvous with the brightest people to help you solve that problem. And with brilliant people, the money also follows. Next thing you know, components like financing begin to fall into place. And then essentially you are also able to help more people.


The Moonshot is About Transforming the World

Dedicate your life to doing something that matters. Doing well and doing for yourself is the old way of doing things. It used to be about collecting the money. And then when you’re old you start to give it away. The only way to catalyze significant transformation is to solve a billion dollar (or more) problem.

As a collective we, for the first time have the resources to do exactly what we want to do. You can fail fast and learn. The universe will align itself to make your dreams come true. Naveen leaves us with this final question: What is going on inside your gut?


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Identifying your moonshot
  • How to become a billionaire
  • The root of most illnesses
  • Getting the resources to solve BIG problems
  • How to meet brilliant people


Practical and Actionable:

Identify what you are willing to die for and then live for it! Ask yourself: “If I had everything i ever wanted- what would I do?” If you actually live in that manner- you will carve the path that will allow you to get everything you want. Don’t focus on it too much, just enjoy the journey. This is your calling.



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