338 | Creating a New Sales Process

Do you want to improve your sales? Improving means you might have to change the way you actually sell and how you engage the team to do so. It takes a complete revamp of sales inside of the company and it is a long sales cycle so if that’s you, then let’s talk about creating a new sales process.

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Creating a New Sales Process: The Transcript

Do you want to improve your sales? I haven’t met a company yet who wasn’t excited about the opportunity to improve their sales.

Now, improving that means you might have to change the way you actually sell and how you engage the team to do so, you see, my name is Gene Hammett. I work with hyper-growth companies, and sales is a part of what they have to face and growing that take some iterations and fine-tuning over time. But, in sometimes it takes a complete revamp and looking at how you sell.

Most of my clients sell a service. Some people sell products, but they most sell a service. And it’s fairly complex they’re selling to large corporations. It’s a long sales cycle so if that’s you then let’s talk about sales here.

I was sitting down with a client just a few days ago, and we were running over the meeting of about a four-meeting process with the executive leadership team about how we revamp sales inside their company.

Now, I was looking at the results they’ve had they’ve closed a few more deals. They didn’t close some of them which is fine. You don’t want to win every deal. But I was asking them specifically about the sources of the leads that were coming in and how they were actually using the current process that we had just remapped.  And they mentioned the fact that they were running the Gene Play and I had to ask them, what do you mean the Gene Play? But I remember in a conversation we had maybe two months earlier where we talked about the introductory meeting with a client, and I helped them shift the order and the structure of that meeting, and they call that the Gene Play and they’ve been using it ever since then because it’s working.

It really is a small shift in how they structure that first meeting with a client and it’s making all the difference in their sales and their growth. Now, I’m not going to tell you exactly what the Gene Play is unless we get to know each other. I’m certainly not going to tell you the name of the client, but I am going to tell you that one reason they are getting such results was not from the Gene Play. The one reason I believe that they’re doing so well with this new revamp of sales is not that it didn’t come from the leader of the company or their coach me.

It came as a collaboration of all of the key people involved because we knew in the next phase of this company. We needed to involve more people than the CEO. He was the primary salesperson, and he was really getting pulled into the weeds of every deal. And that wouldn’t be able to continue as they scaled their company to 3x every year.

So, what I really think about this and what I want you to take away from this is the reason they were so successful is that I facilitated a conversation where everyone created the new sales flow.

Everyone participated in what needs to be done first. What needs to be done second. Third, we mapped it out using some flowcharts we mapped it out using some of their team members and everyone got involved and was just really impressed with the way the team came together. And what I’ve noticed when teams come together and map something out they own the process and when they own the process, they’re more likely to own the goal and so if you want something to really last inside your company you want to make sure they own the process and they own the result that goal. So, that’s my take today if you’re going to increase sales don’t just wing it. Don’t just give them the new process you want to facilitate a conversation that allows them to do it together.

If you’d like my help in that you want to talk about it reach out to me, I’d love to get to know you see if it’s a good fit and see if I can help you and your sales team.

My name is Gene Hammett. I work with hyper-growth companies. I understand what does it take to handle the chaos of hyper-growth and how leadership needs to change to continue to lead the way they want to create intentional cultures and culture of growth.

If I can do anything for you, make sure you reach out and let me know again stay tuned for the next episode it leaders in the trenches and as always lead with courage I’ll see you next time.



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