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Gene HammettWhy do some businesses take off and others get stuck?  This is a big question that really perplexes so many people.  It really comes down to two parts. The first we discuss in this episode which are the fundamentals to business, specifically “who do your serve”.  The second is speed of implementation.  However, if you don’t have the these fundamentals in place…you will likely be chasing the wrong strategy.  Listen in to discover what you can do to find out more about getting rich in the niche.  This is so much more than just money. Share the LOVE and TWEET about this episode. Our Audience: Our target market for the “Leaders in the Trenches” is entrepreneurs, business owners and budding business owners who want be trail blazer and rebels in their business.  Leaders want to be different.   This is a special episode where we talk about getting rich in the niche. We go into detail on why you should niche and gives several case studies on this strategy. The case studies are comprised of past episodes that share the success stories of several people. Those people may seem to have their success early, but that is not the case.

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Gene HammettIt only seems that way from the outside. The real stories behind people’s businesses are the care they took in niching, they understood their target market and the fundamentals of business. Plus they put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes! The fundamentals of business point to several thing, including the four I’s of marketing which are Influence, Impact, Income and Identity. We get into all the finer details of those four I’s in this episode.

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When you really breakdown “identity” it is something you could call your mantra is understanding your target market. This is one of the most important mantras you can adopt for your business: know your target market. Another important mantra to follow is that working hard and being busy all the time is not the real answer. You have to get back to the basics of business: marketing, sales and fulfillment. To do this you’ve got to ask yourself the right questions and be open to change. Be the person you should be in order to gain the success that you want. Shifting to a new place is not always desirable but is necessary.

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In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Getting rich in the niche: What it means.
  • Why do some businesses take off fast and others get stuck?
  • Case studies: How understanding your niche can gain you fast traction.
  • What are the other common elements of fast traction businesses?
  • Why is it really important to understand your audience?
  • The three megatrends: what are they and why you need to know.
  • What are the four I’s in marketing?
  • Important vs. Urgent: what’s the difference?
  • What are the myths around niching?
  • How to look inside yourself for success.
TWEET THIS: "You can't help people in the same place you are."

Practical & Actionable:

The most practical and actionable thing that you can do right now is to answer this question: “Who do you need to be to have the success you want?” Know the emotion that you need that will drive you forward. Understanding this will help you if you really are going to change and shift into a new place. It will also get you to think about your own confidence and level of understanding of who you are.


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