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Gene Hammett I love podcasts.  But I love being a podcaster even more.  This is the best decision I have ever made for my business marketing and lead generation. There are so many advantages to having your audience listen to your voice (typically without the distraction of a screen).  Where do you listen to podcasts?  See what I mean.  Listen in to this episode where I share how podcasting is creating “super fans” and what that means they are connecting with the audience in a deeper way than other platforms can offer.  Also register for the next webinar on my podcast system (the tools, steps and tricks). Go to this URL for the next training: http://leadersinthetrenches.com/podcast.

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Our Audience: Our target market for the “Leaders in the Trenches” is entrepreneurs, business owners and budding business owners who want be trail blazer and rebels in their business.  Leaders want to be different.  

This is a special episode in which I discuss the power of podcasting, and how it has helped me and my business reach the next level. In this episode, I share my story. My original goal was to serve people like web designers who are in a technical field. But that didn’t excite me. So I took a step back and figured out I actually want to serve people who have an idea, a business, a revenue stream and employees but are still struggling to climb to the next level.

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And that led me to podcasting. The power of this medium is massive. Based on research conducted by Midroll, podcasting gets a high score in terms of listeners, how long they listen, and the purchase decision that they make after listening to podcasts. Podcasts perform significantly better than emails and blogs.

We create content like emails, blog posts and podcasts to be read or listened. This content gives us our clients’ undivided attention. Our content is out there and meant to change people’s lives in some way, whether or not those people are our clients.

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Aside from helping us get the attention we want, podcasts also help us in getting the connection, engagement, reach, loyalty and the transformation we desire. We not only get clients from podcasts, we get something bigger: super fans. And we want super fans, even more than clients.

Another benefit of podcasts include adding more value to your business while improving your revenue stream. But for this, you must be willing to share your knowledge freely. You must be willing to answer your listeners’ questions. Only then will you be able to gain a loyal following that you can call super fans.

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In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is the power of podcasting?
  • The origins of my podcasting journey.
  • What 96% of listeners do with their podcasts: and why you should care.
  • Why it’s necessary to create content for your audience.
  • The five benefits of podcasting explained.
  • Super fans: what are they, why do you want them and how do you get them?
  • How podcasting can expand our business and revenue stream.
  • Podcasting vs. blogging
  • How podcasts can make a difference.
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4 replies
    • Gene Hammett
      Gene Hammett says:

      I remember that conversation. I remember being frustrated with you “launching” before me. HA. I am proud of your success and thrilled to work with you on projects.

  1. Rick Jorgenson
    Rick Jorgenson says:

    Excellent show Gene, building authority in someones field is an important asset and all too long of a step until now! Podcasting is a way to put that step in “hyper drive”. What took years now can be done in months and you learn even more along the way. There is no one podcasting in my field (yet) I would love to start. By the way, I listened to the end 🙂

    • Gene Hammett
      Gene Hammett says:

      Rick, Thank you for sharing this. I agree. Adding a podcast can put your business in hyper-drive. I would love to have a chat with you about your podcast and business. Are you interested? Send me an email to gene at leaders in the trenches dot com. (you can figure this out, right?)


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