This Leadership Mistake Is So Common – Do you make it? – Behind The Scenes

Recently, my team took a look at top leadership mistakes in a new training series. In this video, you can see what we choose as the #1 leadership mistake. It is common for leaders to think they are doing the RIGHT thing, but this leadership mistake is killing your growth. Tune in to this behind the scenes video on the top leadership mistake that is killing your business.

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This Leadership Mistake Is So Common: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

I thought I’d come to you live today because I’ve been thinking about something. Amanda and I, my wife, have been putting together some trainings on leadership. And I think a lot of you out there are suffering right now, and I wanted to make sure that you got this message. So, here it is. We’ve been putting together, some of the biggest mistakes we see in leading a virtual team.

Now, I’m just gonna go over just one of the mistakes today, but we actually have five. So, if you want the full training on this, you can go get to, go straight to, and it’ll take you right there, there’s no log in, it’s just a video there, that you can get about the five mistakes to help you be a better leader during this time. And it really is about you stepping up to the next level, ’cause your team deserves it. Now, I’m coming to you today to talk about this, the number one most expensive mistake and here’s the clue. It’s right behind me. Behind me, is a list of leadership books, “Cracking the Code”, “Traction”, even my own book, “The trap of Success.” All of these are the problem.

Well, the books aren’t the problem, actually, you leaders are the problem. You think that reading the book is enough, knowing leadership principles is enough to make you a good leader. It’s certainly not gonna make you a great leader just by knowing principles. So what do I mean by that? Well, here’s the thing, I talk to a lot of people that are out there that are pushing to the next level. That are trying to be better leaders for their team. They’re trying to figure out their opportunities through this COVID-19 thing that we’re all dealing with. But here’s what I see, even if you’re reading, even if you’re listening to the podcasts, even if you’re listening to videos like this, it’s the problem, if you’re not actually applying the information, if you’re not actually doing something with it, if you’re not actually becoming a better leader, trying the different aspects.

There’s an example of a book that reminds me of this. “Radical Candor”, a lot of people read this book. But are people who read this book, willing to be courageous enough to have the difficult conversations with the people in their lives? And the answer is, not many are. They’re reading the book, they’re telling their friends they read the book, and then they put it down and then they pick up another book. Information is not enough. That’s one of the most costliest mistakes in leadership. I’m coming at you today, because there’s a training that I did with my wife, Amanda, about the five costiest mistakes of leadership. One of them is thinking that information is enough. By just reading the book is enough. That doesn’t help you. So what am I done with Amanda? We wanted to create something to really help people see what the core principles of real leadership is.

One of them is letting go of being a manager. Managers are great, but in this time, when we’re doing something and we’re looking for new opportunities, we don’t need managers to optimize the task and make it just a little bit more efficient. We need people who are willing to lead others, to truly dig deep and become the leaders that are necessary.

I see all my friends, some family members logging in here, so I want to say hi, but I say this to you, if you are reading a book, and there’s nothing wrong with this book, there’s nothing wrong with my book. There’s nothing wrong with any of the other books that are back here. They’re all great books. But what are you doing with it? Are you actually applying it with your own leadership? And what I find is too many people rely on containing information, talking about a little bit and then letting it go and picking up something else. And this is the problem.

Leadership is done through application, leadership is done through the hard work of having difficult conversations and having the conversations that really make you grow and make your people grow. I’ve been working with leaders for the last eight years, through their defining moments of their journey. And I noticed many of them get stuck on learning. They brag about reading a book a month, some of them a book a week. But I ask them, what are you doing to become the leader that your team deserves? And they pause. And they say, “Well, we’re trying a few things, “we’re doing a few things here and there.” They go back to focusing on the strategies and the metrics of growing a company, which makes sense because it’s comfortable. It’s not comfortable growing as a leader. This time right now that we’re going through is something that we all have to rise up to the occasion. If you’re an employee, you have to rise up and do just a little bit more to make sure that you’re serving your team. If you are a leader, you’ve got to do a little bit more to serve the people. I want to guide you.

The free training that I put together with my wife, and it’s about the five mistakes, if you want to go get the free training absolutely free, no logins, no anything, I know people here are more my friends listening this right now, but I’m also putting this on my podcast. So if you’re on my podcast listening to this, then you wanna make sure you go to There’s a short video in there about the five mistakes, and about a case study that we shared with you about it being a better leader. This we use in the terms of being a virtual leader, but really, here’s the secret, it’s about being a better leader that your team deserves. So, all that being said, I wanted to create this video because the most costiest mistakes that leaders make is thinking information is enough. And I’m here to tell you, it’s not about the information. It’s about how you connect with people, it’s about how you inspire them, about how you allow them to grow and have difficult conversations about the rituals that you have. It’s about them taking ownership. Employees, if you’re listening to this, your leaders should be getting you to make decisions. They should be not micromanaging you. They should really asking you to step up and you should take that proudly right now, because we all have to step up. I bring this to you because I love what I do.

Absolutely, it is the heart and soul, who I am right now, is helping leaders grow. We have a new program that is announcing, that is really about you growing as a leader. If you’re a first time leader, or if you’re a leader for five, six, 10 years, this will be applicable to you because I have been working with founders and CEOs for the last eight years to help them grow as leaders. Many of them on the Inc 500 list. Most all of them are on the Inc 5000 list at some level. Now the reason I work with such fast growing companies is because I really love growth, I love the challenge of it and they’ve been growing. And that’s what I bring to you as some of the insight inside this training.

Now there is a program that we are announcing inside this that is very special, you’ll have to listen to the video because you’ll see how special it is. I’ve never done this before, if you’ve ever wanted to work with me, if you ever want to be pushed to the next level as a leader, then you can take that video at, you can take in the five mistakes, you can see the case study, you can see what it really takes to be the leader that your team deserves, and if you wanna work with me and my team, to be a better leader, then it’s your choice. But the time is running out. This deal closes on Wednesday at noon. Watch the video, you will get some insight around leadership that you can take and apply and use it yourself, or you can learn how you can support a charity, that were actually donating 100% the proceeds of this program too, it’s very inexpensive, you can afford it yourself, your company can get reimbursed on it, but here’s the key, it’s all for you. All right, so I will log out, again, that URL, no login required, listen to it, if it’s right for you, I’d love to see you in the program, if it’s not right for you, maybe you can share it with someone that you know wants to be a better leader, that wants to step up. This is a chance to work with me and my team to be a better leader. I will support you through this for the next six weeks, but it closes on Wednesday. That being said, as always lead with courage. We’ll see you next time.

Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


This Leadership Mistake Is So Common



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