Using a Crisis to Get Employees to Take Ownership – Behind the Scenes

Responsibility is not enough in today’s world. Get your employees to take ownership instead of obligation. Responsibility has shades of grey. Ownership is black and white. Leaders that get employees to take ownership will face challenges that must be addressed. In today’s behind the scenes, you will get a real-world example of how you can step back from the day-to-day and be a visionary leader. We look at what a client faced when he wanted a pivotal employee to step up. A crisis in the family helped him in ways that he could not have imagined. Discover a way to get employees to take ownership in this episode.

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Get Employees to Take Ownership: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

Have you been trying to get your employees to take more ownership in their work to really go beyond just responsibility beyond accountability to take ownership? It’s one of the key factors I find in fast growth companies. You see, my name is Jean Hamad I research and I work with many of the leaders, founder CEOs inside the Inc 5000 are some of the fastest growing companies out there. I’ve dedicated my life to really trying to understand some of the key factors that help them grow their business.

One of those big ideas is they want their employees to take more ownership for their work. They want them to feel a sense of ownership. Maybe you’ve heard me talk about this before. But today, I want to share with you a very simple way that you can get people to take more ownership. This comes from one of my clients and I were talking about letting someone be the leader of a certain department, and in this case, it was running the entire operations of the company. He is kind of grooming him to be a CEO if you will.

Now, there was a little bit of hesitancy in this accent. We’ll transition. And this employee was ready for the opportunity, but just wasn’t sure of himself. What happened next is something you can actually learn from. It was a crisis, a crisis that the CEO was facing, so that he couldn’t be in the office, he had to remove himself for a full week. He couldn’t be available even by phone. He was really just out of pocket, if you will, this new employee that was asked to take ownership was forced to figure things out themselves was forced to, you know, work with others to make it work, and overcome any challenges to get the work moving faster. Just keep it going.

All of those things happened when the CEO was out of the office. Now I share this with you because it’s a crisis that came up that allow the CEO to just remove himself from the business. The pending CEO in this case, was forced to step up and take ownership. What could you learn from this? Well, you may not have a crisis and hopefully you don’t have a crisis that you have to attend to, and you can’t be there. But what if you were completely out of the office not available, there are opportunities when if you’re too available, people look to you for answers. They look to you for permission, they look to you to help them make decisions for approval. And this is a dangerous impediment to them taking ownership.

I’m not saying throw them in the deep end and let them swim. But at some point in time, you’ve got to take employees and just let them go, let them fail if they’re going to fail, and let them figure out their way and, and move forward so that they can build confidence and the courage to be the leaders that you want them to be to take ownership. You can create that manufactured crisis. And I’m not asking you to lie, I’m not asking you to be dishonest in any way. But maybe you just remove yourself from the day to day to allow them to take over this.

One of the key factors. If you want to be a stronger, more influential leader, you want to be more strategic and visionary. As you get to create more leaders across the team. I share this with you because I know this firsthand with all the people I work with. This is the behind the scenes message. If you want to get the free training we have just launched, you can go to You can get more details about the three biggest mistakes that leaders are making, keep them for building a team of a players. those mistakes are fixable, and go to that training right now. absolutely free because I want you to be the leader that your team craves. When you think of growth and you think of leadership. Think of growth.


Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


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