A Simple Formula for Scaling the Business – Behind the Scenes

Grow in revenue requires skills in scaling the business. I’ve taken several companies from zero to multi-millions. In today’s behind the scenes, we look at the dynamics of scaling the business. You can’t be too complex in your strategies, so let me share a simple formula for scaling the business. You will understand this formula right away, but its application is more complex. When you are scaling the business, you have to get this right or risk implosion.

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Behind the Scenes: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


I got a simple formula for you to consider right now. If you want your company to grow beyond where you are today, you need this formula. You need to understand it. And what it really means to the success of your goals. Here’s that formula “Scaling = Team” pretty simple. I know it’s very simple. But here’s what it really means to me that at some point in time, no matter how hard you work, no, how, no matter how much grit you have and how much force and strategy you put into it, there’s only so far you can take the company yourself. You’ve got to hire people.

[00:00:39] Now you’re probably listening to us. You, probably have a lot of employees, so you’re managing people. I get that. But your job is to make sure that you’re bringing on the right people. We know that quality people, people that can think for themselves and take ownership of the work, but we make sure we also develop those people the right way.

[00:01:00] Now this whole video is not about the details of how do you do that. It’s just going over this really simple formula “Scaling = Team”. You have to create a team of people that are willing to go beyond where you are today. Take ownership of that work. Your job is not just to get it all done, but it’s to create a team of people that can think while you’re not thinking and do while you’re not doing and all of the things that go into creating a team.

[00:01:31] That’s what we do here on this podcast. The interviews that we create with fast-growth founder, CEOs is all about you being the best leader you can be, but also creating the team that will go from where you are today, to where you want to be. “Scaling = Team” If you try to do it without having the right team, you’re going to run into a lot of overwhelm, a lot of stress.

[00:01:55] And in fact, you’re going to have hit some roadblocks that are impossible to overcome because you may be trying to hold on to too much yourself. Your job as a leader is to always be letting go of the work in front of you so that you can become the leader that your team needs it to be. Because “Scaling = Team” is not just about money and growth.

[00:02:17] It’s about you as the leader. All of the things I do as a coach are to help you become an extraordinary leader, help you truly create the kind of leadership that people, but want to follow. I create videos like this to help you. I give away 99% of the stuff I do for free and content because I really want you to be the best leader possible.

[00:02:40] The problem is free content. Doesn’t always work. In fact, a lot of people know what to do. They’re just not doing it. And those people, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s others. Those people know what to do, and aren’t doing it. Aren’t doing the team any good. They probably aren’t scaling the way they want to.

[00:03:03] They’re filling that frustration. I share videos like this with you because I understand what it’s like to be the leader of a fast-growing company. I ran a fast-growth company for nine years. I had to transition into a new line of work, which is the coaching I do now. And for the last 10 years, I’ve been working with people to become extraordinary leaders, to really create space for them to develop so they can develop their teams so that they can create systems so that they can create an incredible country.

[00:03:34] This is what I love to do. I share this one simple formula with you because of “Scaling = Team”. When you understand that you can’t scale the business and scale the revenue and the impact until you build a team its hand in hand. This is the way you get there is through the team. Is it obvious to you? probably so. But what are you doing about it? Are you truly intentional about what does it take to communicate better, to listen better, to execute, to delegate, to grow, to be transparent?

[00:04:10] There are so many factors that go into it. Sometimes you can get lost. If you have any questions about what your next step is, make sure you reach out to me at genehammett.com.

[00:04:19] Check out more free content if that’s your game. But if you want to have a conversation, I’m here to serve you. Just go to genehammett.com. Go ahead and apply to work with me. “Start your Journey” and I’d love to connect with you about your business and create a custom plan for you. Absolutely for free, but just to push you to the next level, support you and challenge you. When you think of growth and you think of leadership, think of Growth Think Tank.

[00:04:42] “As always lead with courage. I’ll see you next time.”

Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

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