The Top 10 Growth Think Tank Episodes of 2019

The one and only podcast that inteviews founders and CEOs of Inc 500 companies. The interviews uncover the key principles of fast-growth. You will find topics of growth, culture, leadership and other areas of growth for leaders. Discover the best of the best in our list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of Growth Think Tank podcast of 2019.

1. Qualities of a Good Leader with Leaders in the Trenches

The qualities of a good leader are sometimes clear and straight forward. Other times they are counterintuitive. This is a special episode of the podcast today. We discuss the qualities of a good leader with some of my favorite guests. These five experts and I talk about the qualities of a good leader. Learn the mistakes and lessons learned on this journey. Please share this episode with those that want to be better leaders.

Solo episode 400

2. The Difference in Managers and Leaders with Carly Fiorina

There is a difference between managers and leaders. Organizations need both managers and leaders. However, we are in a severe need for leaders. The difference is not just in titles or authority. The managers love to keep things moving and make small adjustments to improve quality. The leaders are the ones that will create something that has never been created before. Today’s guest is extraordinary. Carly Fiorina is the first women CEO of a Fortune 500 company. She was the CEO of Hewlett Packard from 1999 to 2005. She shares with us about the difference in managers and leaders. Carly was also a candidate for President of the United States in 2016. Join me in this interview where we discuss the difference in managers and leaders.

featuring Carly Fiorina

3. Work Culture Drives Growth with Anita Grantham

The work culture defines how we work, communicate and get things done in our professional lives. Every company has a work culture, even if it is just you. Culture is something that leaders begin to think about once they have enough revenue to come in that they have hired a team and they want the team to operate more effectively. Today, my interview is with Anita Grantham, Chief People Officer with Pluralsight. Anita shares the most important factors to the success of defining your work culture. We have a ton of fun talking about work culture and how to ensure you get it going at optimal levels.

Episode with Anita Grantham

4. Better Delegating Requires You to Stop This

Better delegating will help you be a better leader. It will be hard to do what I ask. It will go against what you believe to your core as a leader. And it will change the way your team performs over time. Better delegating is very important to your growth as a leader and for accelerated growth as a company.

Solo episode 408

5. How to Become Self-Aware with Ken Keis

Are you self-aware? Self-awareness is your ability to see the real you and know where you are best…and where you aren’t. There are many elements to the journey of how to become self-aware. I interview Dr. Ken Keis, author and speaker, about his work in the area of self-awareness. We talk about the challenges that get in the way of it and focus on how to become self-aware.

gtt featuring Dr. Ken Keis

6. How to Create a Best Place to Work with Robert Glazer

How to create a best place to work on this podcast. You have likely seen companies be honored with accolades about being a best place to work. My guest today shares how you can do it. Robert is the founder and CEO of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. Discover how to create a best place to work in today’s interview.

gtt featuring Robert Glazer

7. Emotional Intelligence for Visionary Leaders

Emotional intelligence is a big buzzword now. I want to give you my take on what is emotional intelligence for leadership. I am honored to engage with hundreds of clients over the last few years. I see behind the scenes with those that in the trenches. I find that every person on some level has some improvements they can make with their emotional intelligence. I want to give you some practical insights on how to raise your game and improve your emotional intelligence.

Solo episode 392

8. A Leader’s Guide to Goal Setting

Here is a guide to goal setting in a team environment. We won’t be talking much about S.M.A.R.T. goals. We will be talking about a missing element in goals that many leaders often forget. Discover a critical component to success in this guide to goal setting.

Solo episode 406

9. How to Manage Overwhelm

How to manage overwhelm with one quick exercise. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. My clients feel overwhelmed too. That is one reason why they have a coach. This past Monday I had to take some time to decompress and think about my work, projects, and clients. I know that overwhelm is an emotion that pulls energy away from me being my best leader. I decided to do what I call “The Overwhelm Time Bubble” exercise. This is a simple tool I use with my clients…and this time I did it for myself. I wanted to get a clearer idea of all the work that I must do. Today, I am sharing with you this simple — no-cost — exercise to help you manage overwhelm. In this video, you will get a view of what I face to grow my business, and you can walk along with me using “The Overwhelm Time Bubble” exercise.

Solo episode 412

10. Finding Your Strengths with Darren Virassammy

Finding your strengths is a rite of passage for many people. You want to discover what you are best at doing. Some people call this working in your genius zone. Today’s guest is Darren Virassammy, COO for 34Strong. Darren and I talk about the importance of strengths. We also talk about finding your strengths and leading others to find their strengths. Join me today in finding your strengths on Leaders in the Trenches.

gtt featuring Darren Virassammy