112 | How To Eliminate The Sales Process with Jack Mize

Jack MizeIf you hate to sell, listen in here to this episode. Positioning yourself prior to the sale allows you to bypass the traditional sales process. Jack Mize, host of Influencers Radio, tells us how being the educator and the advocate allows you to eliminate the sales process. You probably understand what it takes to educate before the sale, but the “advocate” is someone that will really stand up for the success of their customers. Jack talks about positioning yourself as the authority simply by being an educator and advocate. Listen in to this episode to see what this means in your business.

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Jack’s Target Audience: Jack has been in the marketing business for several years serving business owners, coaches, and consultants where he helps them to focus on positioning themselves as educators and advocates for their prospects. Educators and advocates are also known as authorities. Essentially this is the position he helps them to take in their industry.

Jack says he tends to stay away from the word ‘expert.’ He’s more comfortable using the word “advocate.” Being an advocate means you are standing for a cause- it means you are behind your customers. When someone is looking for an authority, they are looking for someone to have their back on what they are trying to accomplish. They are seeking for someone to educate them on the options and choices available and to point them in the right direction for their success.

By being an advocate for your client’s success, you are being authentic. You are embodying the very reason you started your business in the first place. That is what makes you the authority. When your prospects see you as someone who is going to educate and advocate on their behalf, it automatically opens up the discussion around how they can work with you.

Jack MizeJack also adds that if you educate them on the process, or the product, or the service and how it could benefit them, they will wonder how they can buy it. This approach allows them to make their own decision rather than feel as though they are being manipulated. This contrasts with convincing people that you are the expert. It’s about taking an approach that allows or gives them the choice to call you the expert.

A common theme here at Leaders in the Trenches is knowing your target market- and today’s episode is no different. Jack explains that “if you don’t know what you’re after, you don’t know if you got it.” Jack says to get inside the mind of your prospects and really narrow in on who your prospects are. Talk to that person and be the educator/advocate for that person. Jack says people tend to go too broad when you should really just be narrowing in on people you can truly help. It is better to get highly focused and not worry about “ignoring” the rest because you can be very successful with a small group of people who feel you are their advocate.

Jack also shares his view on working with a coach which he doesn’t see as an expense. It is shocking to many people that he’d pay so much for coaching, but Jack admits that a large part of his revenue comes in because of the work he does with his coach. When you take action on the things you work on, there are results.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The difference between an advocate and an expert
  • Why Jack stays away from the word “expert”
  • Why you want to be the advocate and educator for your prospects
  • Why being an advocate makes you authentic
  • How giving your prospects a choice can be powerful
  • Why Jack doesn’t see paying with a coach an expense

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Practical and Actionable:

Jack says, if you are at a party or networking event and you start off with “I am” or “I own” you are setting up the conversation to be all about you. Rather, ff you say, “I help…” – anything started out like that whether it be in a conversation, newsletter or email for example- makes it easier for content to flow and for your passion to shine through. Change your language from “I am” and “I own” to “I help…”

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