113 | Discovering Your Big Why with David Mead

David MeadEveryone knows WHAT they do, some people know HOW they do it, and yet very few people know their WHY. The WHY is really the most important part. David Mead shares with us how to discover your big why. David is a business partner with a hero of mine, Simon Sinek. who also wrote one of my favorite business books- “Start With Why.” Simon and David have been taking this concept of “the WHY” to corporations for years now to help them define and understand this concept. This interview with David will help you understand the importance of knowing your WHY.

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David’s Target Audience: Includes anyone who is interested in creating an environment where people feel inspired to come to work and leave fulfilled by the work they’ve done by the end of the workday. This includes leaders with organizations. But really, David focuses on anybody who has a desire to create an environment where the people and the relationships between them are what’s most important. That and to provide them opportunities to contribute something that matters to them.

David was inspired by the work of Simon Sinek with whom he has partnered with for the last 5 years. David and Simon are aligned in their VISION. They both believe people should feel inspired to get up and go to work, feel safe while they are there and go home feeling fulfilled. David is dedicated to spreading this message and does so through workshop facilitation and consulting.

What astounded David when he initially met Simon a week into starting his new job, was how he articulated the importance of each of our higher purposes – the WHY behind what we desire to do. This was not a new idea at all- however it was (and is) a subject that’s challenging to talk about. David makes the point that it is easy to talk about HOW’s and WHAT’s- but WHY is related to our emotional side. We feel our why- but don’t necessarily know how to talk about it.

Nevertheless, inherently as human beings, we want purpose, we want to do things that matter. We don’t just want a paycheck. But it’s hard to talk about and when we don’t have that simple articulation, we get stuck in a rut and don’t move forward with it.

David points out the time, money, resources and effort we put into our hobbies. Why do we do it? Because it is obviously worth it for us since it not only fulfills us, but inevitably puts us in the same space with people who share similar values and therefore this gives us that feeling of connection. Organizations are so typically different. We don’t go there to find people with similar values- but simply for a paycheck and health benefits. Why do these contrast so much?

Our WHY is directly connected to deep rooted feelings and beliefs. If you are clear on your why, you can determine whether the actions you take are bringing your closer to what you want. It serves like a point of focus and it’s what drives you.

While this concept is nothing new, David shares some ways he and another partner of his- Peter Docker have been using the concept of the “Golden Circle” (developed by Simon Sinek) to create workshops around the question of WHY in order to build the work culture from that focal point. This includes identifying people’s higher purpose and applying it to the culture of the organization. All in all, these are avenues to give people a way to implement purpose into their businesses

As with all paths of self- development, resistance usually rears it’s head. David mentions that he has observed people not always trusting the process. The biggest reason behind this is based on the paradigm we’ve been operating under. We’ve been conditioned to start from the outside and work inwards when it’s really the other way around. This takes practice and it is a process.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why David believes we all deserve to feel inspired about our work
  • How understanding your WHY will give you your purpose
  • Why your WHY is dictated by emotions
  • Why your WHY is may be hard to articulate
  • Why we are afraid to talk about our WHY
  • Resources to help us articulate our WHY
  • How your WHY is already within you

Resources and Links

Practical and Actionable

Get a sense of what your WHY is. You can check out Startwithwhy.com to get an objective perspective. Be aware that your WHY already exists. It is already inside of you waiting to be pulled out and it will feel like a calling not a job. David prompts you to ask yourself: what’s always been present when you’ve felt your best? You’ll notice that a pattern will begin to emerge. What were you bringing to the world? What service or impact? What contribution wer you making in the lives of others? This will give you your big WHY.

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